Effect of Google Maps After Launching For iOS 6

iOS 6 Google Map

Google Maps – an outstanding feature in the smart phones has really helped to millions of people in identifying a particular place which would definitely have been a problem without this useful app. iPhones and their timely updating enables its users to use the more improved versions of the operating system as well as these apps. But, the latest launch of iOS 6 says that it does not have the facility of Google Maps. With the news being spread among the mass like fire, people started refraining from upgrading their OS as they can’t do without the Google Maps.

Thus, finally with the introduction of the latest iOS 6, it was anticipated that more and more people will opt for it with the idea being that most of the iPhone users will be holding out in order to keep Google’s offering as the default either on their iPhones, iPads as well as iPods, but as per the survey carried out  by a mobile ad network, they came up with the data that there was a negligible impact on the iPhone users upgrading their OS even after about one and a half day after the release of the Google Maps.

From the records, it has been found out that a meager rise was noticed – from a very high 72.77 percent to 72.94 percent after the Google maps were released.  This means there was no immediate impact at all among the mass of the iPhone users, rather it can be said that there was virtually no difference at all!

Google Maps For iOS 6

In short, the Google Maps was made available at the Apple App Store for iOS 6, after much anticipation as well as significant debate and deliberation between the two tech giants.

Thus, finally it was expected that the users who were waiting for inclusion of Google Maps in the iOS 6 will now upgrade their iPhones, iPods and iPads. But the fact remains that the news of the re-entry of Google Maps in iOS 6 didn’t make a significant contribution as there was just a negligible increase in the number of people upgrading it. However, summing up, it can be concluded that there was a lack of immediate reaction from among the masses as they were confused whether to upgrade their iPhones with iOS 6 or not – specifically because of the Google Maps issue!

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