Understanding The Mobile App Process – From Idea To Marketing

Do you have plans to create a mobile app but are not aware of the actual process of beginning it?

From roughly defining an idea to the spot-on marketing/ promotion strategy, a mobile app development involves many stages. From idea description and clarification to communicating with a software development company and estimating the cost, to prototyping, to designing and back-end integration, to releasing and marketing the end product, everything is part of the single term – mobile app development.

The 3-Step Process To Succeed in Mobile App Development

1. Idea Description and Requirements Analysis

Begin it by contacting a mobile software company and giving a general description of your app. For example, “I need a food ordering app like Uber, with the restaurant menu displayed on the home screen”. This will help developers prepare a ballpark cost estimated using your reference.

The cost will vary from developer to developer. It will be affected by various factors such as the country you outsource the project to, size of a development company, platform choice, and other none-core features.

Mobile App Marketing Trends

A software company will hardly give you an accurate estimation based on your general description.  The accurate cost of the development can only be decided if you provide thorough details of your idea.  Then you choose the target platform. App provider will help you in that. We know that Android and iOS are the only players in the current market. You will require at least two apps with the seamless experience on multiple devices.

Then it comes to deciding on a pricing model. Developing apps for e-commerce isn’t rocket science. So signing Fixed Price model will suit you in this condition. Communication will also consume a lot of time but the more you are able to communicate with a company, the more you will have detailed technical vision that lists all the functions and non-functional requirements for your mobile app development project.

Mobile App Process From Idea To Marketing

2. App Designing & Development

This stage begins with UI and other graphical element designing. The server enables the mobile app logic. It is built with web development technologies like PHP, .Net, Ruby, etc. The app logic covers a lot of things such as live chat, social features, referrer/customer loyalty program elements and online payment. You will also need a web-based console that will let you update menu, price, update product description, management products, tracking orders, and several other things.

A great mobile app is one which is developed as a set of modules which are developed and deployed independently, but they work together.

One good approach is that you start the development with the idea of a minimum viable product. This is why because you do not know what features they would accept right from the first version and what they will want to see modified.

So try launching an MVP app with all the core features in the beginning and then groom and add non-core features to it in later future updates.

3. Mobile App Marketing/Promotion

The hardest part of a mobile app development to sell it to the audience. The app stores of both Android and Apple are flooding heavily with millions of apps. It’s too difficult for a new app to get a unique place in these markets and succeed. Only a mobile app marketing plan can back up you to get your position in your market.


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