Challenges Faced by App Entrepreneurs

The app development and use of smartphones are two trends that run parallel to each other allowing the business brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs to score more every day. The app developers in a full swing make use of every opportunity they get to enhance the business of their clients by making an application. According to stats by Statista, 197 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2017 and the number is expected to rise to 350 billion by 2021. And, when you ask why the company prefers to build an app, the answer with the highest vote is to increase their sales. Other reasons that followed include improving customer experience, participating in the competitive market and to fulfill parent company requirements.

Either way, the developers are required to build the app and the entrepreneurs are required to promote it. This long road of tedious tasks performance is packed with challenges that are faced before any positive results are obtained. The app entrepreneurs consider them the biggest hurdles and this is why we have listed them below so that you can get all the help from it.

Challenges Faced by App Entrepreneurs

  1. Understanding the competitive environment

The leading branding agency Dubai participates in this discussion by mentioning the basic point of understanding the environment and market around us! Most of us in a hurry to get an app started wonder less about the quality of the app’s idea and its features. The main target issues that we have at hand include:

  • Doing the targeted consumer research

  • Oversaturated apps market

  • Challenge of getting your app noticed by the users

All these factors make the functioning of the application difficult in the competitive environment. Moreover, it requires you to come up with the brilliant app idea that proposes better engagement and features as compared to the other applications. According to App Brain, more than 1300 applications are introduced on Google Play on daily basis. 1300! Yes, that’s a huge number as it means that your app needs to be better than those. Thus, understand the basics and push through to raise your voice!

  1. App vs. battery life

The second challenge that the app entrepreneurs face is delivering an application that has reached a balance between performance and battery consumption. The smartphone users tend to keep their phones charged for a long time say at least more than 12 hours. An app that consumes a lot of battery life is a problem which leads to dissatisfaction of the users and hence uninstalling the app.

This means that while developing the app, you need to make sure that the visual effects, integrating features and the design of the app do not consume a large portion of the phone’s battery. Also, keep in mind that your app must be every device compatible. Recently the apps that are made run well on the Apple phones or on Samsung Galaxy note but not on the older versions of smartphones. This is a big problem that must e promptly addressed.

  1. Funding issues

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Developing and running a successful app requires a lot of investment which is why many of the apps that we see on the platform often do not make it to the summit. You must have an ample amount of money if you want to make your app work. Achieving all the objectives you have in mind for your business means that you have to invest a lot of money and time in the app. The development of an app is divided into different stages and each stage comes at a price. The development cost depends on the app’s functionality, integration points, use of visual effects and features and the devices it supports. And that’s not it! This just covers the cost of the app’s development. Once it is made, it needs regular funding for updates, maintenance, and marketing. All of this adds up to a cost of $3000 to $150,000.

Getting the right amount together requires brainstorming. For a large enterprise it is relatively easy to manage the budget but for others, they need to find ways through which they can invest the money in their application.

  1. App marketing and content management

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The next challenge in line is the app marketing and as digital marketing is on the run, the app marketing needs to be extensive! The advertising companies in Dubai often suggest that clients want to market and advertise their applications as well. This helps in promoting the use of the app, increasing sales and also the profit that is earned. But, the thing is that this practice is not done worldwide. According to TechCrunch, even though so many apps are present on iOS and Android platform, the average number of apps used daily is 9 and a max of 30 every month. This either means that your app isn’t that good or you haven’t done enough marketing to create awareness about it.

Thus, marketing your app is essential to reap profitable goals. For this purpose, you can use social media, official website and blogs for app promotion. Also, there are many tools that help in making your app popular among the users.

The next thing under discussion is the content generation for the application. With the highly increased number of apps present, and other than the app itself, there has to be something that can differentiate between the apps. Well, the content regarding the app is what helps in doing that! This suggests that you have to focus on the images, videos and the content that you use within the app and outside to promote it.

  1. Selecting the right device platform

This is one of the major challenges which an entrepreneur faces at the very start of the app development process. Which platform are you going to use for your app? Whether it will be Android, iOS or the Window? It is necessary to make a decision so that you know which technical features and methods you are supposed to adopt. Moreover, if you decide to make an app for multiple platforms then you need to have a proper app development strategy at hand. Designing an app is complex if you don’t know how you want it to proceed. Thus, it brings us back to square one where you need to have a plan and a list of objectives that you want to achieve with it.

  1. Following the latest trends

Last but not the least, the twenty-first-century demands to be up to date all the time! This is tiresome which is why some developers fail to build the app according to the latest trends. The latest trends in the app market guide you to enhance the performance of your app. Recently, IoT and wearable apps, AR and VR apps, apps with accelerated mobile pages, and ‘bring your own device’ model apps are in fashion. Other than these, technologies like the machine learning, cloud-based services, and artificial intelligence are playing a huge role in developing a competitive app. You should surely check that out!

Wrapping up!

The challenges faced in the process of developing and running the apps are being met rapidly by the entrepreneurs and business companies. The idea behind refers to the win-win goals that the business brand gets to enjoy by having a successful app. The list of challenges above gives a basic guide from which you can learn and act to support a successful app.


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