The Starbucks App – Pros And Cons

Starbucks recently launched its third app in the app market, the best of all yet. The older apps allowed you to view the starbucks menu and to pay via the Starbucks card respectively but this app is the king of all.

So How Does It Work?
The app allows you to place your order via the app, in which you can blend your own drink exactly according to your needs. Choose your outlet and pay on the application via your starbucks card or your credit card and your order is automatically placed, you can also track your order and just pick it up when you’re ready.

It is the first app of this sort within the food supply chain tough Dunkin Donuts also offers an online placement of an order, the order has to be in bulk and one must place the order through the website as there is no app for it.

So What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Starbucks App?

First The Positives:

  • Extremely Convenient
    This is the main reason for the app to be such a success. The ease of using the app. The function of the app itself makes life a lot simpler it saves time and reduces effort; you can order online, pay online and track your order. What is an added boon is that the app is absolutely free which means more and more people are downloading it every day due to this more and more people will now become regular customers of starbucks hence achieving the purpose.
  • Efficiency
    The app and the starbucks stores are believed to be extremely efficient at least up until now. The server has never been down and the orders are always ready on time hence winning over the customers and increasing customer satisfaction leading to a more loyal chain of customers.

And What Are The Cons?

  • Limited Consumption
    Tough life for the customer may have become a 100 times easier, but sales of other items except drinks will go down as the app only takes orders for drinks, and now that people are on the go and not standing in long lines for their coffee or sitting in the cafe and sipping it slowly, their edible goods will go down in sale. Hence the app developer should have thought this through.
  • Computer
    Starbucks will have to invest in a lot more computers now and hire staffs that are technologically efficient as well and can manage both.
  • Server Issues And Too Much Traffic
    Due to the ease of the entire process more and more users will use the app which may lead to too much traffic slowing down the app and also creating problems for the workers in the stores. And due to over hyphened expectations if the server was down it would create much greater amount dissatisfaction amongst customers.
  • Unavailability
    Since the app is general for all stores, lack of a specific ingredient or drink will not be updated which will lead to confusion and customer dissatisfaction.

Overall, the starbucks is a great app to learn from due to its extremely large scale.


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