What is Putting Mobile and IoT Apps at Risk?

Because most of the apps are launched in rush, user convenience is given greater priority over security. In result, apps for mobile devices and IoT are finished up with security vulnerabilities. Little attention is paid to seriously address security risks associated with a mobile app development or IoT.

Malware to pose great threats to mobility and a survey confirmed it when 84% of security-expert participants expressed their concerns for threats that malware is posing to mobility. 66% of respondents in the same survey said that they worry about threats to IoT apps.

Experts have expressed their concerns about attacks on mobile and iOS apps. 58% security experts are concerned about hacking to IoT apps and 53% said that mobile apps can be hacked. Still, no preventions are being taken by 44% of security experts. 11% said that they do not know whether their organizations are taking any step to prevent attacks or not.
Mobile and IOS apps are increasing the security risks to business-system and 79% of experts confirmed that risk by mobile apps have increased significantly or very significantly. 75% said the similar about IoT apps too.


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No or little knowledge of using mobile apps and IoT apps is also increasing risks. 63% of experts said that they are not confident if organizations are aware of all the apps to be used by employees. The average of such apps is 472.  75% said that they do not know if their organizations are aware of all the IoT apps being used at their workplaces. The estimation of such app reaches to 241.

User convenience is given more weight than security as confirmed by 63% of security experts for mobile apps. 68% said the same for IoT apps too.

Rushing to market and avoiding better risk-battling features is also a reason because of which security threats are increasing. 32% said this for mobile apps and 42% for IoT apps. They named budget as the major cause behind such lack.

IT and security experts said that they do worry about insecure mobile apps and IoT apps. 70% of them said that they are concerned about the use of insecure mobile apps in their organizations. 64% of them said the same about IoT apps.

Not all apps are tested as confirmed by security experts. 29% of all mobile apps and 20% of all IoT apps are not tested. 30% of mobile apps and 38% of IoT apps, which are tested too, carry significant security risks.

Performing the testing in the last phase is quite common in many organizations and security experts wait for testing until production ends. 39% of experts said that they perform security related testing until to production of their IoT apps and 58% does the same for IoT apps.

Rushing to release an app results in vulnerable code and 69% of IT and security experts said that the development team is always under pressure to release mobile apps as soon as possible. 75 said the same for IoT related apps.






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