Are You Still Using Outdated App Development Tools? Switch To MBaas

Baas- Backend as a service which is also sometimes referred to as MBaas (Mobile backend as a service). Considered as the tech analyst, Baas is a leading tycoon in turning on the infrastructure for mobile apps. Baas is basically a cloud-based solution to streamline the work of developers enhancing work productivity and meet the existing app arrogation. Developers face plural demur, to which Baas have put a full stop.

Being a mobile application development service, you must pay heed on the below-mentioned contention and work for its elucidation with MBaas.
Developers challenges

  • Grandiose amount of backend integration.
  • Impotent to focus on app designing and development.
  • Cemented with the old development tools which are omnipotent in the company.

A plethora of development tools for each component but not a single tool which can accumulate all the components in one.

What actually Baas is?

It avows the web developers and app developers to conjoin their apps with that of cloud storage along with their processing. Baas aids the app developers to ameliorate app building and its functioning and when the same is for mobile it is MBaas. App developers are shifting towards MBaas getting pulled over by its beckoning features.

  • Meliorate analytic
  • Appreciable offline behavior
  • Push notification
  • Enhanced user management
  • Enterprise integration
  • GPS and context aware
  • Social integration
  • Local caching

MBaas App Development Tool

Baas as a concept is quite fresh to Paas (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). Based on the report of Wattpad, the market size of MBaas is approximate $220 million, shocking isn’t it? Yet true. Well, if current developers challenges and features are not enough to drive your way to MBaas then let’s make you explore some juicy titbits of it.

1) Explore Vast and Fast

If I tell you that all business owners and brands are going mobile then it would be old school. This is something that you already know. So let’s just jump on and come to the point. App development is a long winded process and with outdated tools, it can be even more protracted. By the time you desist the app, your competitor would already have enrolled with the same idea and all your efforts by the time would be swollen headed. That’s when MBaas comes in the picture, incorporating cloud backend will cut short your app development process and you will be in a position to explore vast and fast.

2) Domain Awareness

App developers are immune to changing trends and can conveniently cope with that. However, there are certain transmutations where developers can also face trouble. Choosing where to alter and what to alter that too on an immediate basis is accosting. Even an expert developer fall back on the grounds of lack of domain awareness. That’s when MBaas aids the developers where the coding part gets highly reduced. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy and money, incorporate a domain expert who can resolve these complications and take your app to aristocratic level.

3) Persistent Updates With Integration

Any app cannot survive the cut throat competition without consistent updates. The preliminary reason is to avail unmatched user experience and the subsidiary reason is to detach all the bugs existent in the app. Mobile apps cost higher then web app and new upgrades mean more money, not every mobile application development agency can afford this. Cloud Baas expedite you with a coherent integration of the features which makes the work lucid. It allows modification and integration on your call as and when needed.




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