Now iOS 7 Tracks Your Location

Apple is going to launch its new iOS 7 for public soon, a new operating system for iPhone and it’s going to add some more extra powerful features with existing dominant ones. One of the features might be the “track location” that will maintain a hidden file that will keep records of the places you have been visited in past and in some sort of map the information might get displayed. There is not only one thing, but many that iPhone users might not like.

Now iOS 7 Tracks Location
Locationgate issue is well known for iPhone users who have used it and experienced before. The issue was quite massive, as people don’t like the idea of being tracked down unnecessarily. Apple had to pay for the infringement of confidentiality. Apple has paid 946$ to settle down this locationgate issue in 2011. Looking forward we assume that apple might have been integrated old idea, and using the old concept in new operating system. But privacy enrolled in it.

Location tracking concept is not new for iPhone but using this concept again iPhone must have some idea to empower its business. Scary thought of being tracked might stop many iPhone users to upgrade to this iOS, but in a way collected data might help the user itself to locate other nearby areas and it is proved to be good.

We haven’t heard anything from apple till the date; it might be only for consumers rather than company use. Suppose iOS launch this feature then we anticipate that apple will be proved verse to add privacy options disabling confidentiality issues. There has been nothing official from apple that this feature may or may not be included in iOS 7 but with other unified features apple is going to launch its new iOS will give the apple users totally a new experience.


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