10 Great Ways To Maximize App eCPMs And Revenue

It’s great to have an application that can earn you revenue. Until few years back, it was really difficult to earn revenue from a mobile application. In fact, you would need hundreds of thousands of advertisement impressions to even start earning. However, the scenario is completely different now and even a simple app can fetch a decent return on investment. Here are the top 10 ways that can help you maximize eCPM and revenue too.

  1. Keep the users’ interest in mind: Ads that feature something similar to the application are likely to lure users. Recommend a new application rather than just pushing a vague advertisement.
  2. Avoid using banners: Users just hate banners simply because they occupy a major portion of the screen. The best thing to do is ditch banner ads and use other suitable formats.
  3. App lists can be helpful: An app lists presents a list of recommended applications to the user. The scheme features an extensive range of applications to choose from so that a user can find something to suit his needs.
  4. Engage your audience: Your audience will stay loyal to you only when you keep them interested. This can be done by providing frequent updates and promotional offers.
  5. Develop cross-platform applications: Your application will certainly fetch higher eCPM provided it is compatible with multiple platforms. For instance, you can have the same application for Windows, Android and iOS.
  6. Social integration features: Add some features that allow the user to share their app on Facebook or Twitter. For instance, you can ask them to share a new high score in return for coins.
  7. Include in-app purchases: If you still think that free applications can’t generate revenue, think again. Hard core gamers don’t mind shelling out a few bucks to clear levels quicker. In-app purchases give users the option to buy stuff from within the application.
  8. Choose the right marketing network: Do your homework and opt for the network that has realistic claims. There are a few that promise an eCPM of $50. These claims are false and are made to attract app developers. So beware of them and take a wise decision.
  9. Minimize the number of redirects: Multiple traffic sources between the advertiser and you would result in a significant fall in revenue. Not only do the middlemen take away your share but also make the ads load pretty slowly.
  10. Using the right ad format: All applications can’t have the same ad format. You wouldn’t want to hamper the overall experience of the application for the sake of making money. Use a format cleverly so that it grabs the user’s attention while not interfering with the app’s performance.


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