• Key Elements for Your App Website

    Your app’s website is one of the key elements to talking about your app but also an advertising and controlled editorial platform. You control all that happens on it and as the captain of that ship, you have the power to either destroy or power your app with it.

    Clarity and Beauty
    When people visit your website, you want them to be able to remember the website and what it’s associated with. Make your app website a beautiful one that will draw the user in without confusing them the said beauty to think something completely different from your app – clarity made beautiful.

    Icons and Badges
    Creating top of mind awareness means that your app site visitors should be able to remember your icon. It should be the most highlighted element on your website. It needs to stand out so that when users see it in the future, they remember what it stands for. Whilst you are focusing on the app icon, don’t forget to tell the user where they can get the app as fast as possible before they have lost their attention span.

    Social Media Links
    If a site visitor finds value in your app and bookmarks it for downloading later, should they be in the middle of something, you need to give them an opportunity to share that app with your friends. Follow the app and hear what other users are saying about it.

    Copy writing
    Describe your app in the simplest way possible, but a human way that will appeal to the user. Technical lingo that only developers understand should be for you and your team not your target market. Draw the user in, without exaggeration.

    You want your app site visitor to have a glance at what your app looks like; it’s less than a minute to make an impression, so make it count. If the screenshot looks drab and exhausting to the human eye – they are least like to even think of visiting the app itself. Highlighting the key features on your screen (s) will help those lazy site visitor who read only two to three lines before they move on to search for other things.

    From a marketing perspective, watching something helps the consumer/customer make an informed decision. So if you can have a video on your site that will help the user understand the app better – the shorter and highly visual it is, the better.

    Apple is a good example of brand reputation; most users trust anything they put on the market because of their credibility. As a developer if you have won awards in the mobile app industry or have created apps that sold for millions or made it really big before your current one, then put it out there. Some visitors might download before even reading because they recognize your name and trust what you can bring to the table based on past experience.

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