• Push Notifications: Worthy or Just A Deterrent

    Push notifications have revolutionised the way information was transferred. A technology that has been initially used by Apple for Apple push notification service has contributed to the aspect of multi-tasking on the phone. There is now no need for keeping applications open or loading information into the application for updates and in the process shortening the battery life.

    Push Apps – You Can’t Ignore Them:
    The feature of push notifications comes with an array of advantages but it would wrong to assume the same without its flaws. Apple’s intention was clear when they came up with push notifications – it was to enable third party apps to function in the background. This allowed users to know automatically if there were any updates, available upgrade or alert messages for any app installed in the phone. Basically the back end of this technology lies in the fact that these apps are now able to send push messages to their users to engage with them. It has to be agreed that push notifications have helped all app entrepreneurs engage with their customers.

    Alongside the positive side of engagement, therein lies the problem if the frequency of notifications is too high. A lot of unnecessary updates for unnecessary apps have become commonplace which kind of turns annoying for the user. But then there lies the risk of missing out on important notifications. Push notifications have the disadvantage of being unable to handle a lot of push messages. In the event of a lot of push messages which the user has queued, then only the recent notification will be up on the screen. There is an option of applying badges on app icons to inform the user of a message from a certain app, yet in the event of a lot of push messages all together, the user will be bound to open the app to find out the update. This kills the whole purpose of a push notification. It is high time push notifications become user friendly in terms of customization.

    With the increase in push enabled apps, there will be more updates and users will then start ignoring all of them for the simple reason that it is tough to find out what’s important and what’s not.

    Push Notifications – Engagement Managers for App Entrepreneurs
    On the other side of the bridge, the developer or the appreneurs is being able to get a fair chance of engaging with his customers. It is often seen that users download apps and in a month or so forget about their apps because of the lack of connect between the apps and the users. With push notifications, the app developer is being able to convey to the user on updates and upgrades.

    It is helping to develop a long lasting relationship with the user by having a dynamic way of telling the user that the app shouldn’t be kept idle. Push notifications if used in the right way can be really helpful for the app entrepreneurs. Prevailing situations in the eco-system should be kept in mind before sending out a push notification. They can be very event and place specific sometimes to segregate the users and engage them to a higher extent. You just can’t ignore these push notifications for they are definitely going to be one of the best marketing tools for any app entrepreneur.

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