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Microsoft Releases Windows 8 :The Entirely Re-imagined Windows With Windows App Store Having More Than 7k Apps

Microsoft Windows 8

With the release of windows 8, we see entirely re-imagined windows – that operating system in which whenever we login, we first click on start button to launch apps. Yes the start button, which we were using from Windows 95 to Windows 7 is replaced by just the normal task bar of windows 7. This is one of the major changes in windows family. Now whenever we login in our windows 8 a redesigned start menu automatically appears on our screen. This contains the live tiles which displays live information of various applications.

Here a question arises – Why Windows 8?
Windows 8 represents one platform that is available across multiple screens — desktop, mobile, ultrabooks, tablets, etc. Consider yourself working on an application in your desktop pc. Simultaneously, you are also working on same applications for tablets pc, surface, and for your notebook pc. So for designing an application you need the following:-

1) You need to develop app for your desktop and your desktop already running in windows environment.

2) You need to develop app for your tablet which is probably running under android or iOS environment.

3) You need to ensure that your app does not require more amount of resources so that it does not drain the battery of your notebook.

Considering all the above points, suppose if we have an operating system that runs on desktop pc and tablets a lot of work can we reduced. All though the architecture of the tablets will be different from desktop or notebook, but still a great amount of efficiency in writing a code can be achieved as it will serve windows environment in all the three. Further, Windows 8 has built-in mobile device management and security, making it enterprise class.

Apart from the above, windows 8 has a very good compatibility with the touch screen devices. Now-a-days all the computers have integrated touch screen displays like desktop LCDs, tablets, surface computers, all-in-one.

Moreover, window 8 has a new lock screen with a clock and notifications and you can keep a picture password for login. You can touch or click on your predefined places in the picture and you can login to your system.

In addition to this, support for the “Secure Boot” functionality on UEFI systems to protect against malware infecting the boot process. It is very important to note that, legacy apps will work on Windows 8, making the transition to the new operating system relatively simple.

Windows 8 has implemented cloud storage via Microsoft SkyDrive, which allows apps to save files directly to SkyDrive. To use this functionality you  need to download the SkyDrive app separately. More information on skydrive can be found HERE

Windows 8 devices are now shipped with Windows App store which has more than 7k apps and around 700 apps are added each day. Some of the popular apps in Indian market are PVR, Dhingana, MakeMyTrip, Burpp, and BookMyShow.

So get ready to learn to build your own apps for windows 8. Microsoft provides you evaluation version, DOWNLOAD a 90 day trial version of windows 8.

You can DOWNLOAD Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8 and you can also DOWNLOAD visual studio 2012 for windows 8.

You can upgrade your recently purchased PC to windows 8 at just INR 1,999.


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