6 Reason Why Node Js Is the Best Framework to Build an E-commerce Marketplace

E-commerce has swiftly spread its wings across the globe. As brands continue to leverage online marketplaces to sell their products and services, the popularity of multi-vendor marketplace platforms has increased drastically over the past few years.

E-commerce is all about serving better to gain and then retain your customers. To keep your steps ahead of your competitors, you have to adopt the latest technologies and showcase the best to your customers. As it is the digital era where modern technological advances happen at a fast pace, it is important to make your e-commerce store user-friendly and competitive at the same time.

If you are planning to set up an e-commerce website, there are two options to start with it. The first one is to get the website developed from scratch, according to your unique business needs and requirements. The second is to use an open-source e-commerce software solution that can be also be customized as per any requirement. While the second option sounds feasible and economic, the next question would be, which is the best open source eCommerce solution in the market?

Selecting a back-end technology for an e-commerce website is one of the most difficult and significant decisions any developer has to take. Being the most versatile open source technology to build cross-platform applications, Node.js for e-commerce is a wise choice for most of the developers. The benefits of Node.js extend from skilfulness in developing real-time multi-user applications to robustness and speed.

What makes Node.js an ideal framework to build an e-commerce website?

Node.js is the most popular and widely used open source tool based on the V8 engine of Google. Google’s open source JavaScript engine is a perfect platform for developing server-side and networking applications. Node js is an asynchronous and event-driven JavaScript runtime and compiles all other advantages of the JavaScript technology.


Node.js with its event-driven architecture infuses scalability into web applications. It offers small and simple modules that work perfectly with e-commerce websites. It is also easy to add new modules efficiently and upscale the site with new features. The fact that Node.js can fully customize a platform according to users’ needs, makes it preferable for an e-commerce platform development.

Cross-platform development

The major advantage of Node.js is that it supports cross-platform development. With most of the technologies, developers must be well versed on a couple of programming languages for core coding, but node.js is an exception. It can be effectively used for both client-side and service-side application development. It facilitates the developers to reuse the code even in case of any modifications. Now you know why Node.js reigns the world of e-commerce web applications.

Optimum performance

When compared to other languages like PHP, Node.js delivers optimum performance to give out the best results at a much lower cost. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart use Node.js to power their online business Node.js offers superior performance to e-commerce websites throughout the browsing to buying placing the orders successfully. The code execution speed is considerably enhanced by the run time environment and its non- blocking I/O operations.

Benefits of plugins

One of the key advantages of using Node.js for e-commerce website development is you get access to many plugins. The free plugins accelerate the process of development without spending fortunes on development. Every business has different needs, and Node.js offers plugins that are essential for different needs.

Cost effective or budget friendly

As Node.js uses the same programming language for both client-side and server-side coding, you don’t need a different team of developers for each side. The same developer can switch his roles to develop both applications. This flexibility and readiness for code repetition not only saves money, but it also allows you to complete the project within a given time frame and in a cost-effective way.

More than a JavaScript framework

Node.js has transformed the way e-commerce websites are built. It is not just a web stack, but a technology to process a wide variety of tasks and perform well in several sectors. Web applications built using Node.js are responsive, instructive, simple to understand, and portable. Node.js algorithms can be used to create an impulsive website rich in features. It is also an independent solution, which comes with an online package manager (NPM) that eliminates the issue of dependency. Node.js comes with libraries and connectors like HTTP, file system access, SSL, etc.

Benefits of Node.js for custom e-commerce development

  • Developers can build real-time web applications efficiently.
  • Coding is easy as we can use it to code both client-side and server-side components.
  • It is open source and comes with a huge library and tools.
  • It makes data streaming easy and effortless.
  • Database queries are easier with NoSQL in Node.js.
  • It is easy to learn and takes less time to work with.
  • Known for offering high performance.
  • You get the support of a large and active community (as it is open source).


Node.js frameworks are gaining popularity in the market and bringing in more features and advantages. Node.js development is considered the best for launching multi-vendor e-commerce shopping sites. Additionally, it is also used for online endeavors and content administration. To stay ahead of the competition, enterprises need to implement Node.js shopping cart and power up their e-commerce businesses. The non-blocking I/O event-driven architecture makes it a great technology to develop real-time applications like streaming and chat apps.

Many seasoned e-commerce developers consider Node.js as a game. If you are confused about what technology to utilize for your eCommerce development, Node.js would suffice all your demands with freedom and space for the developers to build an effective end product.



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