Salesforce is Redefining Success for Small Businesses with AI, Predictive Analytics, and Business Intelligence

Data management, extraction, and logging are some of the most mundane tasks strategists, marketing reps and data experts have to deal with every day. Today, sales and marketing reps spend over 25% of their time updating data instead of engaging in tasks that contribute to company revenue. Salesforce has always tried to combat this problem. First, by the introduction of Salesforce Wave – the first generation of artificial intelligence. Then, by updating the same to Einstein Analytics, along with the introduction of “conversational queries” to the analytics module.

Without the help of an artificial intelligence system to take care of their data, any company is bound to send their sales reps into a cycle of frustration and unproductivity. This is true since most of the reps spend over 64% of their time engaging in non-selling tasks including data logging. Salesforce allows the automation of tasks like email marketing and customer data updating. It turns hour-long data logging tasks into automated processes. Built-in email productivity, schedule updating systems, increasing visibility of leads and accounts provide the same sales reps with tons of time that they can utilize to focus on sales goals and to capture new markets.

Complete sales and marketing strategy is a three-pronged approach

Einstein Analytics

When Einstein first made its appearance, it brought a flood of new technologies and opportunities along. Exporting, analyzing and collating data was no longer a whole day’s work. It was just a matter of a few clicks, thanks to the built-in analytics features. Even in the early days, Salesforce made use of about 40 distinct KPIs to help their customers measure the conversion rates, determine effective leads and stay on top of the sales numbers. Einstein is the predictive “data scientist,” which can help you make sense of all the seemingly dissociated numbers and stats. This powerful integration with the Salesforce marketing and sales crowd allows companies to predict their future investments and oncoming market trends.

Salesforce Inbox

When the artificial intelligence gets it data fill from a real-time Salesforce Inbox, the predictions become close to accurate. The inbox syncs all sales data to Salesforce, and you can get your daily dose of insights from the inbox directly. This is a brilliant way to update your CRM regularly with reliable sales data from your Salesforce Inbox. It is ideal for Gmail and Outlook users, who want to maximize new customer acquisition opportunities. It brings all the goodies of email, calendar, and CRM together under one Salesforce service. can give you a cohesive view of the different Salesforce features and services that can help your company.

Sales analytics

Sales analytics allows the conversion of data into sales within a split-second. You can update your CRM with new data stats in real-time without leaving this app. The Salesforce Sales Analytics provides a wonderful way for all customers to visualize their sales and take advantage of their analytics.

A combination of all three – Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Inbox and Salesforce Analytics allows the customers to take charge of their sales and marketing endeavors completely. Salesforce is the easiest way to divert resources from meaningless work towards tasks that contribute to revenue.


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