Android vs. iOS: Which Operating System You Should Use To Build Your App In 2020

2019 has passed and 2020 has rolled out. While 2019 has surely pumped up the technological advancements in the businesses, we are sure 2020 will bring in more innovative solutions and services.

One advancement that we experienced in 2019 was the extensive development around mobile apps. The dependency of users on smartphones is pushing businesses to innovate around the area and make a maximum opportunity out of it.

However, the struggle in deciding to go with which platform is the real question. We are aware of both Android and iOS platforms, how they impact the users and what is their importance and need in the market.

It is important for businesses to first analyze the need and then proceed with the final decision of opting for either an Android app development company or an iPhone app development company. While this is an ongoing debate, we shall take you through the pros and cons of both to make the decision process easier.

Statcounter states that both Android and iOS account for around 95 percent of the global smartphone market in Q1 of 2018.

Market Data – Android vs iOS

If data is to be believed, Android has been the winner ever since 2016. However, Apple is following Android with its numbers increasing quarter by quarter. 217.72 million iOS smartphones were sold by Apple in 2018.

Android has a larger geographic benefit due to its cheap and versatile app launches. While iOS has always been on the sophisticated side focusing on quality, OS, graphics, design and more.

If we talk about the market share of apps on Google Playstore & Apple Appstore, then as per Statista, Google Play Store had 2.6 million apps available for download in Dec 2018 and Apple App Store had around 2 million apps.

Which platform to choose for app development?

1) Development Cost & Time

The budget plays an important role in deciding if the business should go with Android app development or iOS app development. If a business is looking for an app that will be quickly developed, then iOS is the choice. This also means that the cost of developing an iOS app would be less due to its less development time.

In the case of Android app development, the complexity with the app development takes a long time to develop an android app. Android app development agency is 30-40% slower than an iPhone app development firm.

Fact Alert: Android apps cost approximately 21 percent less to develop for 78 percent of the market.

2) Features Flexibility

One of the best benefits of developing an app on the Android platform is that it allows more flexibility with features and functionalities. An android app development company manages to include all trends in the app easily without much challenge. Being an open-source platform, there’s more flexibility to customize Android apps.

On the other hand, iPhone apps are more on simple design and do not have many critical features. Since the major focus is on the security of the app rather than all features and functionalities, Apple has limited flexibility when it comes to iPhone app development.

3) Programming Language

Both iPhone and Android apps serve the purpose of fulfilling user needs while enhancing the business’s place in the market. Serving a similar need, both iOS & android are based on different programming languages. Most Android app development companies prefer Java as it is an easy, robust, flexible and reliable language.

iPhone application development company often goes with Swift programming language which is Apple’s official programming language. It is easier to develop an app using Swift as Android involves writing more codes than Swift. Also, Apple has a stricter policy of app acceptance on the Apple Appstore.

4) Device Fragmentation

If we talk about Apple’s total number of mobile devices launched so far, there are 18 out of which 14 are still in use. Whereas, Android mobile devices are uncountable and come in all shapes and sizes for every user.

Before going for Android app development, the business needs to decide the number of devices and screens which it wants to support. If it chooses to support all, the development cost becomes pricey and time-taking. On the other hand, Apple app development is compact, simple, and limited; which makes it the best option for app development.

5) Concentration

Last to mention is the concentration of the brand. Android focuses more on the masses and gains maximum users using the app. While Apple is focused on serving quality rather than quantity. They look for premium customers who are loyal and ready to shed money for quality and design.

Android provides all the features to its users in less amount and complications. It has all the eyes for developing markets like Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to tell which to choose. Attention to detail, requirements, and needs are quite essential to device the app development company. An Android app development company could be the choice when a business looks for large audiences, impressive features, and blooming geographies. Whereas, iPhone development company could be considered if the business is targeting more premium, US-based customers, quality, design, features, and fewer development costs. Whatever be the choice, the result would surely gather users if the idea is what users are looking for.



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