Full Coverage on What Apple Unveiled on Most Awaited iPhone Launch Event

Steve Jobs theater was filled with tech nerds, developers, and the entire herds of Apple lovers. The most awaited date 12th September is gone and what it brought along with was a bunch of surprises with three iPhones instead of 2, some out of the blues advancement in Apple watch, 4K support in Apple TV and much more. Without wasting even a single moment, let’s just dive in all of these individually.

1) Apple Watch

Apple watch

Well, Apple has made life much convenient with its watch and users really adore it. As per the details revealed by Apple, the growth of Apple watch grew 50% more as compared to that of the previous year. Now, that’s really a huge hype. Back in 2016, Apple watch was considered as the 2nd best watch in the world. Now, in 2017, Apple watch is given the number 1 position in the world in terms of the best watch. Apple announced that this watch has 97% of customer satisfaction and that’s what drives Apple to bring in innovations and enthrall the customers. Apple watch series 3 is launched. What’s new in it?

  • Now, you can answer the call without having your iPhone nearby.
  • With cellular built in, you can call, message, get location, access maps right through your watch.
  • Keep your iPhone at home and go surfing, yet you can make and receive calls with a clear voice.
  • You can now enjoy 40 million songs right from your wrist.
  • Siri is faster than ever before and now you can talk to her through your watch.
  • Get each and every notification and alerts from your favorite apps even when you left your phone at home.
  • Heart rate apps now function even better.
  • You can now access recovery heart rate after the workout session.
  • Apple watch can now also monitor your heart rhythm and give notification when any fluctuation is observed in the heart rhythm.
  • Keep track on the heart rate while walking, resting, and workout.
  • Apple watch also supports third party apps.
  • Battery life is upsurged by 50%.
  • 78% fast core processor.
  • Supports Bluetooth, LTE, and Wi-Fi
  • iPhone app development company will now have to come up with skiing and snowboarding apps with advancement in the swim-proof watch.
  • Being a small device, inserting sim card would block lots of space and hence it has an electronic sim in it.

Price: There is two price range for Apple watch $249 and $329.
The order will start from 15th September and shipping will start from 22nd September.

2) Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

With Apple TV, Apple promises are customers to entail with cinematic quality to every virtual thing that they watch. Apple TV has two major tech updates that upsurge the TV experience, 4K, and HDR.

  • Apple TV 4K will entail the customers with 4 times better pixel compared to HD.
  • HDR will make the picture quality clear, sharp and detailed with better pixels.
  • Color is brighter and gives the natural and realistic feel.
  • Entire UI of the Apple TV is revamped by Apple.
  • With A10X chip, graphics are four times faster and the CPU performance is two times faster.
  • Apple TV 4K is a boon for the sports lover with live news and sports streaming.
  • Notifications about the sports game that is about to start or a match that has started or another match that is on-going is updated.
  • There’s a whole new dedicated sports tab that shows all the upcoming games to stay updated and not to miss your favorite one.
  • You can have access to anything and everything that is available on the iTunes or App store and get it on the Apple TV.
  • Connect your devices and access things on a larger screen. Apple TV app allows you to stream content through video services without having to switch from one app to another. Connect your iPhone and iPad with Apple TV and view images or watch movies or stream music on a larger screen.
  • With all devices connected, you can leave accessing something on one device and catch it back right from where you left from any other device.
  • · You are free from typing with Siri, just ask for the movie, actor, show, and Siri will appear with the same.
  • · Streaming experience is improvised with Apple TV 4K. Buy these from iTunes even for HD package, it will be upgraded to 4K without any extra charges.

Price: 179$
Available for order from 15th September and shipping starts a week later.

3) iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 and 8 plus

The very first thing that Tim cook said about iPhone 8 is it’s a new generation of iPhone and a way stepping forward. The best camera is getting even better. Let’s take a sneak peak in its astounding features.

  • Glasses on both the sides of the device for the very first time.
  • The glasses are highly durable and make the device water and dust resistant.
  • Retina HD display, 4.7-inch display of iPhone 8 and 5-inch display of iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Introduced stereo speaker with a deeper base.
  • Available in three colors silver, gold and space gray.
  • Multi-band noise reduction.
  • Wireless charging enabled with glass at the back.
  • Camera enhanced with 12 mega pixels with large and a fast sensor.
  • Real time light analysis is available in the camera. And by real time light analysis, I actually mean dramatic studio lighting effects, these are not mere filters like any other phone.
  • The best part of the enhanced camera features is that it takes portrait mode photos even better. The foreground gets sharper and the background gets naturally blurred.
  • Video quality is also improved.
  • Digital zoom for photos up to 10x and for videos up to 6x.
  • The smartest A11 bionic chip is introduced with four efficiency core which is 70% faster as compared to A10 fusion. There are 2 performance cores which are 25% faster.
  • With an A11 bionic chip, extraordinary AR will be seen in iPhone app development and game development.
  • Three range of iPhone 8 is available: 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB.

Price iPhone 8 – $699 and iPhone 8 plus – $799.Ready to order from 15th September and shipping will start from 22nd September. Upgrade to IOS 11 will be available from 19th September.

4) iPhone X and now iPhone 10

iPhone X and now iPhone 10

By far the biggest announcement of this big Apple event and called the futuristic phone by Tim Cook. So, let’s welcome the future and see what it has for us.

  • Available in two colors: silver and space gray.
  • A gigantic 5.8-inch super retina display.
  • Slim phone with curved edges. iPhone 10 has really sleek, stylish and elegant look.
  • OLED screen design with marvelous colors and accurate brightness and contrast.
  • For the very first time, no home button.
  • Glasses on both the sides of the phone and yes not to forget the most durable one among all the smartphones.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Navigation easier than ever. With no home button, you just have to swipe from bottom to top and here you are right to your home screen.
  • Just tap on the screen to wake the phone up.
  • Switching between the apps was never this easy, just hold the screen, slide it right in the middle for certain seconds and this is how you multitask.
  • So hone button was the key to wake Siri up, now what? There are two ways you can activate Siri, either speak to Siri directly or press the side button and Siri will appear.
  • No password needed, Your face is your new password.
  • To unlock your iPhone 10, you just have to look at it and it will recognize you. This feature is called Face ID.
  • This miracle is done with the true depth camera system installed right in the front of the phone having installed dot projector, infrared camera and illuminator for face detection and unlocking your phone.
  • Now worries, you change your look, wear a hat, change your hairstyle, put on makeup, remove makeup, wear glasses, your phone will still get unlocked.
  • Multiple neural networks are introduced for face detection.
  • Now, you can also pay with Face ID. Works well with Apple pay and also third party apps.
  • Security is top notch, there is 1 in 50,000 chances to unlock a phone with wrong touch ID but there is just 1 in a million chance of your phone getting unlocked by omeone else with Face ID.
  • Machine learning that adapts changes in the face over a period of time for face detection.
  • Send animoji with the same expression that face creates and with the words you speak.
  • Control center can be dragged right from the top corner.
  • 12 MP dual camera.
  • Quad LED true tone flash.
  • Tuned perfectly for AR apps
  • Portrait mode photos now also on selfie mode with portrait lighting giving studio type effect.
  • Upsurged battery life, lasts almost 2 hours more than iPhone 7.
  • Wireless charging: a single charger to charge all your device, phone, iWatch, and airpods. Get these chargers.
  • Available in 64 GB and also 256 GB.

Price: $999

Available for order from 27th October and starts shipping from 3rd November.

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