Application Development and Automation- the Inevitable Need of the Hour

Business development is a tedious task and the single most things that help in promoting the business in this era is the digital marketing. There are a handful of digital marketing strategies that have emerged in the year 2018 to produce even better results. Application development and marketing automation is that part of digital marketing that the marketers and businessmen now consider indispensable. The advertising agencies in Dubai are talking about the increased profit in the sales through automation and the success in brand awareness, and accessibility through application development.

Moreover, when both these trends are brought together, it gives the most amazing marketing automation applications. These are used by gaming, branding agency Dubai, e-commerce, health, education, traveling, media, and many other industries. The sports apps are widely using this technique to enhance their app marketing style. The apps are used to schedule push-notifications and in-app messaging. All these practices, in return, help increase customer engagement and the return on investment (ROI) by creating brand awareness. This results in the business’s success.

Thus, it is true to state that automation and application development have become an inevitable need of the hour for the business’s success. And here are the areas you need to focus on.

Marketing Automation at Its Peak!

The challenge of improving the customer experience has increased the struggle of the businessmen and marketers. Everything that is done nowadays using the latest machine technology is to enhance the customer experience. This is where automation rules by helping to know the consumers better and by directing the technology-driven advancement for their benefit.

Liana technologies carried out a survey named ‘The benefits and challenges of marketing automation’ in 2017. According to the survey, 68.5% of the participants thought that automation benefits in improved targeting of the messages, 46% were in favor of improved customer experience, and the rest voted for quality and increased number of leads, increased ROI, cost efficiency and greater profits.

Automation Trends for 2018:

Marketing automation is a big deal! The entire data collection for improved customer experience depends on it. But, the good news is that with the advent of new technologies like human-designed chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence; the process of automation is running smoother than ever. Here are the few trends that assist automation:

  1. Personalization, AI, and machine learning:

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All these three processes are now intermingled to generate the best results for automation. The quest for understanding the human behavior has led these technologies to come up with processes that can interpret the user and the on-site behavioral attributes. Introduction of personalized content for better engagement of the users has become a necessity and for this marketing automation is required to collect user’s data at various points.

Moreover, 2018 is considered the year where marketers will start using machine learning for content generation. As the machines take over this domain, predictive personalization will become more common. The marketers will now use AI-assisted platforms, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to automate the study of user’s behavioral patterns and activities. As the industry shift towards these technologies, the competition will rise be making these trends an inevitable need of the hour.

  1. Chatbots and social media automation:

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Another great leverage to take automation to the next level is the use of chatbots and promotion of automated social media marketing. A research states that over 60% of the users who got a chatbot ping on Messenger replied to the conversation proving increased engagement by the chatbots. Other than this, the social media automation tools are actively used by the businesses to automate the interactions of the users with the brand’s social media page. This in return helps in increasing the number of followers and in driving traffic to the website.

How does Application Development Help Marketing Automation Hit The Road?

According to Forrester, brands offering better customer experience will face 5 times increased revenue growth as compared with other brands. The latest survey suggests that 54% of the user’s time spent on digital media is on the mobile application. The introduction of the intelligent app is increasing and developers are now incorporating technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots for app development. These together are directed towards improving the customer engagement and experience.

Latest App Development Trends:

  1. IoT and wearable technology:

The infographics by Dotcom Infoway on the latest trends of app development in 2018 suggests that by 2020, the global expenditure on IoT will reach $1.29 trillion. Also, the healthcare and manufacturing domain will be bestowed with advanced wearable applications for better engagement.

  1. Chatbots saying hello!

The application developed will now come along chatbots. These AI-powered assistants assist in automating and executing the latest marketing strategies. The latest smart apps, IoT, and virtual personal assistants are going to make it easy for the companies to reach their customers.

  1. Increased security of the apps:

The sole purpose of increasing security by introducing code encryption, reputed payment gateways, and secure back-ends and API is to protect the user’s information. The apps carrying out banking and shopping transaction now need protection more than ever with the increased use of e-commerce apps. To satisfy the users and ensure their participation, the app developers need to ensure high-quality protection from third parties and theft.

  1. Android instant app:

This is another latest trend in app development that is taking over increasing the competition worldwide. It is tailored according to the user’s demands and needs. It allows you to view the application and its content without installing it. Also, the user can install only the portion that they need. The android instant app offers increased customer engagement by improving customer experience. The success of this trend is portrayed by different apps. Vimeo has now increased their average session duration by 130% and One Football has enhanced user engagement by 55%.

Coming to An End!

It is hard to run a business if you don’t compete with others and the best way to leave them behind in the race of success is to adopt the latest trends. Application development and marketing automation are meant to make a difference in the business’s growth. Get going with all the latest strategies and do your business a favor!


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