Apps That Have Made the Most of iOS 7

A lot of Apps that have been launched in the market by the developers are benefited greatly with the launch of the new iOS 7. As a developer (or even a user), you can see an improvement in features and various changes which are applied on this new OS successfully. This new mobile OS, offers some exciting changes that allow OS app developers from all over the world to build mind-blowing apps. This is why iOS developers are revamping their applications so it works in harmony with the new aesthetic. It has allowed the developers to rethink and rebuilt the UI which are more user friendly.

App Made Most of iOS 7

What’s There For You?
Developing the best applications on iOS 7 will indicate a new beginning from ground Zero for most developers. While some developers have voiced their concerns regarding the many challenges that they have faced while developing for the latest version. Many have been implicit that they may need to withdraw support for earlier versions of the existing applications as there is a very little chance for backward compatibility.

Apps which have made the most of iOS7 and ways in which app developers can benefit:

Camera+: The camera+ has advanced options which can be experienced by the users in iPhone 5S. Notably, the UI and functionality is much better than before.

Argus: This is a free app which helps to track your fitness for free and it is not one of the best busts has great iOS 7 compatibility. The new interface is streamlined and like a honeycomb that allows to track sleep, workout, hydration, food, etc.

Evernote: It is another free app that allow the user to take notes and the revamped app has inbuilt functionality where the Airdrop utility allows users to quickly share the notes. The iOS 7 multitasking functions are also adopted well and it is much faster than before.

Understanding The Basics
App creators can understand here that Apple has played it smart this time.

With important changes to their User interface, API features and the whole of the design, Apple has tried to reinvent the look of iOS itself. True, there are a few development constraints which developers will have to acclimatize to where the main challenge is to create applications where the new prospective of iOS 7 platforms can be used entirely and will generate revenue from the backend. The new API is incredibly feature-rich and with the help of the new API, the application can get immense befit from there on. It has reinvented the wheel absolutely from the developer’s point of view


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