What’s New in iOS 7?

The much awaited iOS 7 is finally here!  Months after software developers at iOS and all app developers with apps on iOS have been working rigorously hard. It is one of the biggest updates by iOS yet.

So What Is All The Hype About?
Will the iOS 7 be a real game changer in the war between Android and iOS?

The Following Are The New Major Changes You Can See In iOS 7:

  1. Keeping It Simple
    The complete design now has now become minimalistic. The design philosophy adopted is to let the user focus on the content rather be distracted by unnecessary embellishments and trimmings. The intention behind it is to use the app what it is made for. On the other hand iOS 7 pops things up when it comes to icons, you can see highly embellished and neon icons for apps. The limelight has been removed from the user interface and put on the fluidity of the app, hence a lot of animation is used to interest and delight the users.
  2. Minimal Distraction Interface
    It will probably take one some time to realize these changes, as they are not so dynamic. The focus is to ensure that the user interface is not in the way of the app and its functioning, and it gets out of the way, iOS 7’s transparent status bar is the best example for that. A lot of cinematic motion has also been used to communicate with the user in a much more interesting way.
  3. Background Refresh
    iOS 7’s most interesting feature is the background refresh; it is the ability of an app to download content in the background without any battery drainage! So users don’t have to open the app and wait several seconds before the contents are refreshed this of course puts enormous amounts of pressure on the app developers. iOS 7 also focuses on social sharing the best example is AirBox in which you can transfer data just via a swipe with connected devices.
  4. Category For Kids
    iOS 7 launches a complete new category in the app store just for children. The category is divided into three based on age, ages 5 and under, ages 6-9 and ages 9-11. The apps have no behavioral advertising and the option of a strict parental gateway. The gateway will ensure that the children cannot just buy any app.
  5. Ibeacons
    The feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to deliver notifications and content to iOS devicesbased on a more-accurate reading of their location, including indoors.So What Will This App Do?
    Supposing you are at a restaurant the, Ibeacon at the exhibit would connect you to the restaurant app.
  6. Speed
    iOS 7 runs 30 frames/second of graphics in Open GL, and has several audio processes running in. iOS 7 the opportunity to begin to approach mobile as we would desktop computing in terms of performance.
  7. Automatic Updates
    This will ensure that just by the click of a button, all the apps will be updated as soon as updates are available without having to manually do it via the app store.For app developers there is both a good and a bad side to this. The good side being that their new features will roll out quickly but what is bad is that the updates have to be dynamic now that the users will not be reading the ‘what’s new’ section in the app store, else they will not realize any change that has been made.

So, if you are planning to develop or update your app for iOS the above stated seven points are important features that you must include in your app to match the new bar set by iOS 7.


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