Reasons To Cross-Promote Your App

Well, this is the new fad for all app entrepreneurs looking to market their apps and if you haven’t heard about it already, you should learn about it right now!

Cross promotion, to put it simply, is about adding easy ways for users to see your other apps, in attractive, appealing ways. The idea is that if a customer likes one of your apps, chances are that they will like your other apps as well. So, make it as easy as possible for them to find out about the others. Alternatively, apps or products not belonging to you can also be cross promoted. You can connect with other developers and negotiate promoting each other’s products. This concept of app developers collaborating to promote one another’s apps in order to increase awareness is certainly very effective.

Cross-Promote Your App

With the growing number of apps in the market, promotion of your app to a larger audience is becoming increasingly important. Marketing, instead of being an afterthought, is slowly becoming a necessity.

Cross promotion networks do not have any monetary cost, other than a few extra days of development. Since your app has ad inventory, it is a good idea to trade that inventory with other developers who have the same. Thus, deals rely on the principle of direct exchange, rather than monetary exchange.

While there may be a lot of discrepancies in using the usual ad networks, direct cross promotion gives a fairly transparent view of their ad campaigns. Developers can directly negotiate with each other, without any middle man.

Only Pay for Installs
Cost per Install (CPI) networks, in which developers only pay once their app has been downloaded, provide an obvious benefit.  Since you only pay when your app is installed, it allows you to better determine your return on investment.

As we are increasingly spending more time in apps, and there are apps for practically everything, consequently, we are spending lesser time browsing the web.  As a result, in-app advertising is gaining more importance.

Although there are a number of ways to boost the installs of your app, most require a lot of work, and involve processes like finding the traffic source, setting a budget, tracking results and then optimizing. However, with a good cross promotion network, all you need to do is create the campaign, set up the ads and turn it live, and you have an ongoing solution for app promotion!

User Base
It is a relatively easy way to reach new users and increase the app’s user base. By using an alternative method, outside of traditional methods like social media, paid advertisements etc, it provides access to high quality, targeted users that are quite likely to be interested in the app.

Promoting other’s apps while promoting your own – Well, this not just embodies co-operation, but also provides a ‘win-win’ strategy. Cross promotion may just be the future of advertising.



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