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Damien Patton, Banjo Founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur whose zest for life and passion for problem solving is the hallmark of everything he does. Patton was inspired to create Banjo when he missed connecting with an old Navy buddy. They both made posts to social networks about being at Boston Logan airport, but since they were on different networks they didn’t know the other was there until it was too late.

Banjo founder Damien Patton was in the Boston airport waiting for a flight to Las Vegas. A friend he hadn’t seen in years was waiting for a different flight just one gate over. Damien tweeted. His friend checked in. Both posted about their locations, yet they missed connecting simply because they were using different social networks.

We’ve all missed out on things that we care about. Failing to reconnect with an old friend, realizing too late that a favorite band or team were in town, missing a new business opportunity. We need a way to sort through all the information, to find out not just what things are but where they are. That’s where Banjo comes in.

Banjo Location Mobile App

Banjo Location Mobile App

Banjo’s powerful location technology brings you the moments you would otherwise miss.

Banjo unveiled its cutting edge location based mobile technology that allows friends to connect cross multiple social networks on their mobile phones in June of 2011. In a short time Banjo was the featured app in the Android Marketplace followed by the App of the Week in iTunes.

Banjo has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Ruby Innovator Award from Yukihiro Matsumoto “Matz” the creator of the Ruby language.  But most impressive is the growth; Banjo hit 1 Million users in 9 months – faster than Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Path and Pinterest.

Banjo integrates the largest social networks to provide an on-the-ground view of what’s
happening anyplace at anytime.

See where your friends are, around the corner and around the world.

✔ Integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn

✔ Search “Places” by keyword to discover things of interest

✔ Receive notifications when a friend is nearby

Banjo shows you the people, places and things you care about, in real time, so you never need to miss out on the important things in your life. Banjo brings you the moments you would otherwise miss from the people and places you care about.


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