Tips To Creating A Compelling Mobile Experience

Your app experience has to be so great that it makes the user want to use your app again and again. Everything from its functionality to the design has to be so appealing that the user cannot resist opening your app.

So how do we create such a compelling mobile experience?

Here are some tips as to how one can achieve so:

  • Keeping It Simple
    Keep everything simple and do not over clutter and burden the user by putting too many options. First focus on functionality, ensure the app meets its requirement and the user interface is both unique and very easy then focus on aesthetics ensure that your app is appealing and eye catching do not clutter and overwhelm the user.
  • Design For Devices
    An app should be designed keeping in mind the different platforms it can be established on. Always remember there are more than one portals for your apps you have the istore, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. Understand that a blackberry functions in a different way and has a different user ship than say Nokia, so an app originally designed for Nokia will not do justice to the Nokia soft wares and Nokia’s capabilities.Don’t just reinvent what app developers have already gotten right. Do something different but where the interface is concerned follow the pre set rules already established by Android and Apple. Mimic the popular styles used in apps adopted by millions of people like category navigation and slide.
  • Make It Convenient
    Make the app extremely convenient and very easy to use, so much so that the user is required to but in minimal effort to get what they desire. For instance and a prompt box in the search options, one to two touch add to cart and wish list features.
  • Make Your User Social
    Enable your user to share through the app; this will promote your app as well. Add a facebook plug-in, let your user upload screen shots of your app on instagram or facebook, update statuses on twitter etc. let them share the joy of using your app.
  • Make Everything Personalized
    Understanding that people are different is important and keeping that in mind with context to your app is equally essential too. Make sure you can personalize things as much as possible. For example advertisements, make sure that your app advertises either other apps that are either general or of the same genre otherwise make sure that the ads are displayed according to the user. For example there is no point displaying a real estate app ad to a student. Facebook has adopted this strategy in their advertising the ads one sees are specific to age, gender, location and likes.
  • Motivate Users To Come Back
    Make the user interface so amazing that the user can’t get enough and even if they do keep updating your app from time to time so that your user comes back, and while the app update is in progress let them know what’s in store for them so that they can anticipate it.


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