BarkBox Introduces A Companion Mobile App For The Dog Obsessed

BarkBox, an online service that sends the pet owners a box of goodies on a monthly basis just launched its companion mobile application. The app balances the subscription based service as provided on the website. Unlike any mini-app, this one comes with unique feature like buying specific items, rates and revising current items in your box, purchasing gift subscriptions and likewise.

Matt Meeker who previously cofounded and Wee Web and worked as EIR at Polaris Ventures running Dogspatch Labs had formerly started BarkBox as a side project. Meeker suggests that this service targets people who are a little bit “obsessed” with their dogs. Considerable research of various stores which had good products but no reach to the general mass and other circumstances led him to start this online service in 2012.

Today more than 20,000 customers are using his subscription based service to get their monthly boxes which currently come in small, medium and large packages based on the size of your dog. At present the price range from $17-$29/month with annual subscription in the works. Come New Year and BarkBox shall introduce more customized options like ‘big dog + heavy chewer’ or ‘big dog + heavy chewer + lives in the city’ for exact dog type.

BarkBox Mobile App

The all new BarkBox app is very unique for a mobile to have a subscription based service. So this app shall not simply be a replica of the online service but will add value on top users’ subscription. F instance, the option to buy your favourite goodies isn’t available online but only within the app itself.  So just with a couple of taps with the help of your given account information you can purchase the items after all we have the mobile-first attitude.

The app will soon be updated with additional options such as push notifications to alert customers order status, shipment and arrival information. Moreover both subscribers and non-subscribers will get benefit when the app develops to a full-featured experience. BarkBox plans to incorporate photo contests, social photo-sharing and similar features to link the users.

Initially this app allows users only to see the items sent to them but eventually it will support a full m-commerce storefront to purchase items featured in the monthly boxes. You can get the app on iTunes and it’s free. For all those dog lovers download it and create your account to get the dog goodies.


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