How Do I Choose A Web Development Framework For PaaS?

To make sure that PaaS offering as well as the web development framework of the particular choice agree can be quite tricky. Here, we lay out the recommendations on how to choose the best framework for PaaS that your business needs.

Irrespective of which PaaS that you offer, you will require to choose a particular web development framework. The given framework will offer you the software in order to support the development of the web application. It will also help in building and deploy the web-based applications. It is actually a compilation of code which allows the developers to build without any need of doing everything from the beginning. It is essential to note that you might like a particular framework, but it might not be available on the offering you make.

So, here we provide some information about how to choose a web development framework We know that Microsoft Azure offers the most development frameworks options with Beanstalk. The major and popular frameworks that we will examine here in deep are CakePHP and Django which are available on both. Let’s take a look at various PaaS vendor options for famous frameworks.


Web Development Framework For PaaS

 Web Development Framework For PaaS


First, let’s look at selecting the web development framework which utilizes PHP. It is CakePHP In case your preferred programming language is PHP, this might be the right framework for you to use. It has become major web development framework of CakePHP development services. It is a PHP based framework which offers flexible database layers along with different other features. It is open source and also modelled after Ruby on Rails. It follows the MVC or Model-View-Controller approach and is essentially distributed under the MIT license which is a free software license that originates at MIT. The MVC design helps in removing the requirement of having to combine various complex components in order to design the application architecture. It has excellent documentation when it comes to how to use CakePHP in Beanstalk implementation. This helps a CakePHP development company in building the application without any type of hassles.


It is essentially an open source and free web development framework. It is actually written in Python and is maintained by the famous Django Software Foundation. The major goal of this particular framework is to simplify the creation of complex kind of websites which are generally database-intensive. Python is a popular language. One of the major and essential reasons for its popularity is that its involvement within the active open source community. In case you are going to develop in Python programming language, then Django is best for you since it has a great support base in case you run into any issues. All the vendors which support Django also provide detailed instructions on how to easily and quickly deploy as well as manage Django applications. It is done without getting worried about the underlying infrastructure which manages the applications. Django is quite fast as well as flexible, scalable and secure. It has strong user authentication system which is quite necessary in today’s world where there are cross-site forgeries as well as clickjacking which is common. For instance, Django contains protection from clickjacking by offering middleware through supported browsers and also prevent sites from getting rendered inside a frame.

Whether To Choose PHP or Python?

PHP is often used as a server-side scripting language which Python is quite known for its inherent simplicity. PHP is generally used for websites and was also developed by web developers. Python is used for various applications. PHP is considered to be quite harder to use even though it can be quite robust than Python. However, Python has out-of-the-box support for almost everything, and most beginners consider Python easier to understand. When security is concerned, Python has quite a better reputation since its tools are essentially the part of its toolbox. In case of PHP, it needs to be handled via the use of a particular third-party tool. PHP does have a significant market share, and it dominates the internet with the majority of websites developed in it.

Conclusion :

So, when it comes to how you choose a web development framework for PaaS, go for CakePHP. It is better for you to hire CakePHP developer. He should be eager to learn the features and functionalities. Also, when it is about choosing the web framework, the support should be available from the PaaS offering. You should try at least two of the above-mentioned frameworks and find out which one works best for your goals. However, it is recommended that you go for CakePHP. It uses PHP which is quite beneficial in case you prefer PHP language which is quite a popular programming language. CakePHP is also open source, and it is PHP based framework which provides you more flexible database layers. It opens up new avenues for you. It also has excellent documentation which makes it easier to use.



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