Creating The Right Mobile Experience For iOS Users

To create the right mobile experience, you need to follow the changing trends and principles of designing and developments. As app entrepreneurs, you need to be particular about the things to implement in the apps and the way to go about it.

Mobile Experience for iOS Users
Design Principle
App creators must follow the design principle for a better user experience. For example, on iOS 4 there is a gradient tool bar and it is quite colorful, whereas in iOS 7 there is a flat design concept. When app entrepreneurs create the app and want the right mobile experience, then while working on iOS 7 version, they must stick to the flat design principle. The main fundamental principle here is to stick to the design principles provided by apple for the different iOS versions. This does not mean you cannot be innovative. It is good to be creative, but follow the navigation style guide for a better user experience.

Elevate Functionality
While working on the iOS 7 version, the advantage is, you can take full benefit of the whole screen because developers find it challenging to work on a small screen. App entrepreneurs must pay attention to insets, visual frames, reconsider visual indicators, etc. Sometimes, because of bezels and gradients, heavier elements of the UI may not work perfectly with the content. It becomes disturbing, but to create a right mobile experience, app entrepreneurs must focus on the content and let the UI play a supporting role.

Clarity and Negative Space
It is necessary to have clarity if you wish to offer a right mobile experience to iOS users. Important content and functionality should be clear and engaging. The role of negative space is great because it makes the app look more focused and efficient which is also stated in the Apple design guide to create a better app. The content and functionality becomes much easier to understand and gets noticed quickly as well. It offers sense of calmness which is vital for a good mobile experience.

Colors and Communication
Colors do matter and that’s not because we say it. Yellow color offers a consistent visual theme to UI and makes it more appealing. For dark and light backgrounds, clean system colors at every tint must be used intelligently. The sober look should not get spoilt as the users want a functional and sober app. Content is displayed with clarity in iOS versions so in distinct layers it appears properly. Thus, app creators must use a translucent background which keeps the content separate and appealing that offers a rich mobile experience.


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