How To Avoid iPhone App Crowding in 3 Sure-Shot Ways?

Most Apple enthusiasts find it rather appealing to download many apps from the App Store, as possible. Shortly, only to realize not all of them can be used. This results in app-crowding – a number of unwanted apps using phone space.

It is always good to once in a while review and refresh your app list. The more you keep it organised. The better utility can be derived from every app.

As opposed to popular belief, it is quite easy to get rid of apps seated in your iTunes Library and the iPhone.

Let’s take a look at 3 sure-shot ways to save your iPhone from app-crowding.

Delete from iTunes
Permanent way to delete apps

Deleting apps from your iTunes is a permanent way to getting rid of them. Doing so, will not copy them again to your device. No matter, when you try to sync the device and library, anytime.

The best way is to open your iTunes library and select Apps library. Pick the app, you wish to delete, by clicking on it. Now, hit the Delete key. A new dialogue box will pop up, asking you, if you wish to move the app to the trash or you want to keep it. The apps which you wish to keep automatically are saved in your Mac folder, for future use.

Delete Via Settings
Quickest way to delete apps

The second way of getting rid of extra apps is via Settings. Go to Settings, choose General followed by Usage. It will show you the apps in the Storage section, right at the top of your window. The list gives you an exact idea of how much storage is utilized by each app. The list even gives you storage information about other data or files, used by the app.

This is a great place to free app space and make way for some new downloads. All you have to do is tap on the app and then choose Delete app. This is the quickest way, if you plan to delete a bunch of apps, in short time.

Delete while Updates
Smart way to delete apps

If you have a long-list of apps, which you can’t figure out, why they are even there? Try this. Check-out functionality of apps, via their update notifications.

Go to iTunes App and open Updates option. You will find a list of apps with new versions that can be downloaded, when you update an app. If you find any app in the update section, which you no longer are using it. Simply, delete it from here. Right click on the particular app and select Delete. So now, the app vanishes from iTunes library along with their update notifications.

Why you must kill that annoying app?
Whenever, you have an app cutely vying for your attention. You feel obliged to visit it, more often than needed. This may sometimes be overwhelming and may lead to distraction.

For instance, Foursquare users feel the need to check-in whenever they are hanging out. It prompts them to add user reviews of restaurants, which they might not be willing to update. The app, may involuntarily push users into a social-media contest, where they find themselves, liking anything and everything.

It is always good to run an app reality-check, once in a while.

This may not only boost your productivity. It will focus you to the other useful aspects of the app, which improves and enhances your daily life.


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