Best Mobile Apps for Windows 8 Phones

The Windows 8 app store is now up and running. What can the end-user, the consumer expect? Expect a good time! Statistically, we know that the entertainment and education apps are what we mostly look forward to. Well, the Windows 8 app store has them all. However, we all know that not all apps will be the best, some will be better than others and then there are those that almost everyone will want to have.

Best Mobile Apps for Windows 8 Phones

Mobile Apps for Windows 8 Phones

I picked a few that I think are most likely to add so much value to any user. I think these will probably be some of the best this year.

  1. Audible

    A lot of people like to read and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to find time to sit down and actually enjoy a good book. No need to worry about that any more. Audible reads for you! There’s plenty of genres of books available and you can get to work around the house whilst the book is read to you, or better yet have a bed time story read to you by your mobile or tablet.

  2. ESPN

    This is really for those who love sport. From sports-related news coverage, photos, videos and your podcasts, the user can pin their favorite teams from the Start menu and get to see the headlines and scores on their teams.
  3. TuneIn Radio

    Featuring more than 70 000 stations, this app is going to do well in the Windows store, after all what’s life without music. Just like the ESPN app, it allows the user to pin their favorite stations on the Start menu for easy access the next time around. Just a click and the user can begin listening at any given time.
  4. Free Books

    It’s a very simple app even a second-grader can use it. Boasting more than 23 000 books, there’s no need to swipe the credit card for books if one doesn’t have the budget – just get them for free. Download to your library. The app is also clever to remember your last page so when you do come back to the book, no need to browse past pages you have read already.
  5. Wikipedia

    This is probably one of the most visited sites on a daily basis worldwide. But Wikipedia on the web is a bit boring and drab because the visuals are almost next to none. Windows 8 app has changed that, you open this app on your mobile and you are hit with featured, bright and beautiful immediately. The scroll tab on the right makes it even more exciting as it brings you similar content to your search results, and other events that happened globally on that day.
  6. MTV News

    We like to know what happens in the lives of the celebrities we like, hear the latest on music releases, watch videos, etc. This app provides all of that. You will not miss out on the latest gossip, ever.
  7. OneNote MX

    Increase productivity with the app. It has the intellect to build documents from audio files, hand written text notes, photos or even drawings. You can add a To-do list and have as many notebooks as possible.



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