Android Apps To Make With Android KitKat

The best time for both consumers and app entrepreneurs is when Google introduces a new updated version for the Android platform.

This time Google is coming with the new Nexus 5, which introduces the updated Android version: “Android 4.4 KitKat”. The update helps entrepreneurs offer a fresh experience in the app, thanks to new features introduced by Google. And Google has changed a lot this time with the Android KitKat.  Visible changes include a full screen immersion mode and new look of Contacts as well as slew of other improvements, primarily aimed at enhancing the User Experience.

Points To Note While Creating Apps:

  • Usability of the apps with highly efficient utilization of the screen space: While creating apps as an app maker, you need to be careful and add all the necessary features, which should correctly serve the purpose of the particular app. In the 4.4 KitKat platform, the feature of full screen immersion should be utilized to the maximum, as there will be full screen space available to arrange all the additional features in GUI of the app.
  • Scopes for reader apps are high: The immersive mode allows the reader apps to have more screen space. So the efficient utilization of the fonts and features will help to create more revenue for the reader apps.
  • Transition framework update for better transitions: App creators have more options to play on as KitKat has got the stylish app transition framework which gives a chance for creating highly attractive movement patterns and transitions for the User interface in the apps. The more efficient and attractive the app, the more revenue it generates.
  • RAM utilization optimization options: Android KitKat 4.4 has the advantage of being compatible with the devices which consists of 512 MB of RAM. There is also a low RAM device check API which checks the RAM of the device and optimizes the feature like visual memory, resolution etc. Creation of gaming apps will be a good choice as this feature will help consumers to play any type of games in their devices irrespective of their memory used.
  • Apps which have a printing option will be sure hit: The latest 4.4 KitKat introduces the support for printing. This feature can be used for taking printouts in a paper by connecting the device or the file to the printer via Bluetooth, WiFi or through the Cloud service of Google. So app entrepreneurs can take chance of this latest feature to incorporate printing option in their apps.

Think Android, think revenue and think profits. Do not forget though that there are already millions of apps out there and you shouldn’t be the one who loses out on money. You need to have an innovative idea and back it up with some great planning and execution.


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