Why Micro Apps Is A Far Better Tool For Building More Effective Apps

Micro apps are leading over Mobile apps because they are simpler and much more targeted. This allows the users of micro applications to perform the respective task through any device or email or browser or communication client. By definition, micro apps are “highly focused and task-based application which provides maximum efficiency to the user. As per latest trends, the mobile app development companies are launching a micro apps package where they can choose the specific task they wish to do and come out of it. This is far better than trying to develop an exact replica of the computer based website which is not only slow and less efficient.

The micro apps are also less costly and less time consuming to develop as they do not want any high-end functionality and usually focus on one single task.

Micro Apps Is Better Tool For Mobile App Development

  • Micro applications are trending in enterprises these days as they help drive employee engagement and productivity. They produce notification for that one single task and the related action can be done with a single click. It enables people to perform their task quickly. Also, these micro apps can provide a personalized experience to enterprise employees as a finance person will only install and interact with the related financial micro application rather than must deal with whole intranet portal in form of a mobile application.

  • Micro applications are easy to build as they do not require complex logic and analysis. If a client asks for a micro-app and provides you a simple process flow for that one specific task a modern-day developer will be able to do it. Also, there are various pre-built connectors already available for use which makes the implementation of these micro apps simple and useful. You may also use already available micro-app templates for building your customized micro apps, this is quick and easy. There are also many free visual development tools available to define the workflows and build a micro-app interface.

  • These micro applications are trending in big organizations these days to enhance their employee productivity. They often use them to consolidate the approval process from multiple systems. They are also used to integrate different systems like Salesforce and Jira to give one uniform information to related customers. They can be personalized to one community of employees to provide updates on the status of compliance like for training or code of business ethics. They can also be used to provide updates for a task that have been assigned to a team that is whether it’s overdue or done.

Micro Apps Is Better Tool For Mobile App Development

  • Micro apps have the ability to provide quick and easy access to users, unlike heavy mobile applications which make them user’s favorite. Since they are light and easy to load, they are quick and easy to use. Due to these features, users often love to use micro applications. They provide single click operation and easy for accessing information as needed by the user.

  • These days’ developers are also integrating these micro applications with a feedback mechanism. This feedback mechanism allows developers to improve these micro applications with time and build better and more efficient version of them.

  • Micro apps provide its users with functionality related to tasks that they need. They are often quick to access and allow the user to quickly get into and get out of the application without having to dwell with multiple links and paths before they can perform their intended actions.

  • Micro apps are complete on their own. They may be interlinked but they often function independently of other micro apps in the suite i.e. to perform one task you must access only one single micro-app. Each application is doing its own related functionality.

  • Each micro application is independent of other micro application hence a user can though download many of them but can arrange them in order of their priority and how often they must access each one of them. These are easy to upgrade as they are not dependent on other applications, thus provides a lot of freedom to its customers. This is unlike a mobile application which is a replica of computer-based heavy websites where if you happen to touch one module you might have to upgrade various other modules as well.

  • For example, in a bank application, you may have several micro apps for doing one task for each function like getting current balance, show the last transaction, reset ATM Pin, send the account report, adding money, transferring money. Though all tasks are interrelated the suite consists of micro-app which concentrates on one single transaction which is independent of other micro apps present in the personal banking suite.

  • Micro applications are slowly taking over as they are a similar but much more powerful way to interact and perform tasks through your hand-held devices. Also, they are backed by the much stronger technological base. They are more oriented towards the consumer preference and ease with which they can interact with internet through their mobiles when compared to traditional mobile applications. They are often rich in features and optimized for that single task. They deliver highly targeted functionality which allows the user to perform its tasks in much more quicker and easier manner.

  • Since they are light they will consume less space in your phone’s memory and hence don’t act to slow down its performance. Many a time consumers are unable to buy high-end phones which have huge memory and micro apps are apt in such scenarios.

Micro apps are our present and our future. With enhance networked world, these will enable us to function and control our surroundings with less confusion and more efficiency. A suite can be developed for one complete module which has micro-app for each task thus providing a much stronger interface and feature-rich experience. These are also becoming favorites in the enterprises as they lower the IT infrastructure cost by many folds and optimize the employee productivity and engagement. These would work by consuming lesser bandwidth thus allowing more traffic in a single go. With micro apps, you don’t have to deal with sluggish performance and long wait times for the related action to complete.


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