Best Operating System To Hack Wifi Password

When it comes to wifi hacking what comes to your mind first? Probably Hack into neighbors or nearby wifi signals that you don’t have credentials but you are curious to connect with it to enjoy fast internet access! If you think now its time that you can proceed to learn Hacking wifi password, then you should think twice. Actually, you can hack your neighbors WiFi by using PLDT WiFi Hacker 2018.

Before digging into wifi hacking there are various things you need to go through, which includes, a strategy, analysis on which kind of security you are gonna break through and so on. However, at the very early stage, one thing which you need to think is the platform you are gonna use to hack wifi.

The term platform here is the Operating system you use. There is a various operating system out there, includes the most common OS, Windows, Mac, Linux and other alternatives such as Chrome OS, Steam OS, SkyOS, Syllable and so on. However, for hacking wifi we are going to consider and compare windows, Mac and Linux and see which one is the best one for cracking or to Hack Wifi password.


hack wifi with windows

Windows OS is one of the best and the common Operating system we generally use. When it comes to Hacking wifi, you must know these things. In Windows, the only basic hacking method that you can perform is known as phishing. The term Phishing means that you are going to make a similar looking page where the victim can put their credential and you can have/steal those credentials. However, this method of phishing can’t be used for Wifi hacking, it can only be performed when you are trying to steal someone’s credentials and people are no longer that stupid to believe such fake pages.

Although if you search for WIfi hacking for windows, then the only thing you are gonna get is all those fake tools which pretend to hack someone’s system but they actually running a campaign to theft money from people. So, probably Windows is not for Hacking wifi and no pro wifi hacker will use the this Operating System to hack into someone’s Wifi.

The best reason I will give you not to use Windows is, you can be caught easily and you can’t simply change your systems IP or change your GEO location without buying any premium tools and most of the times you can be caught even after using those Premium IP or Identity hiding tool as well. So probably, if you don’t want trouble then you must not use Windows for such activity, and OS like windows can use be used to perform tricks not actual Hacking stuff.

Operating Systems To Hack Wifi Password

Mac OS

Mac Os To Hack Wifi Password

Mac can be the same here as Windows since you are dealing with GUI.  However, when it comes to performing basic Hacking tasks, then you can probably get quality here as compare to Windows. The quality here can only be achieved by using some hacking tools specifically made for Mac such as oclHashcat, Nessus, Vulnerability Scanner, Maltego and few others. In Mac, there are similar chances of getting caught so you must aware using Mac for Hacking. So, it’s clear that no pro hacker will use Mac for performing Wifi Hacking and you must remember this too.


Linux To Hack Wifi Password

Here comes the real deal. Linux is the actual Operating System for Hackers, do you know why! Okay here is why –Linux related to NOS (Network Operating System) and when it comes to Wifi Hacking we are talking about Hacking a Network connection. To talk to that Network(Wifi) we must need an OS like Linux which can perform Handshake to that particular Network to get access to that network. It sounds easy but it’s not actually. There are various scenarios you need to go through before actually start hacking the network.

Linux is a CUI based OS so you must know all the basic commands first to start using them in the terminal and crack the password and so on. Also, when it comes to getting caught while doing such suspicious activity, then you must know always that there is various kind of pre-installed tools in Linux which can easily use to change your IP or location. Manjaro linux review gives you full access and you can manage and perform any task you want without having worry about anything.

For Wifi Hacking there are various tools that come preinstalled which you can use to Hack a wifi connection or to Crack a wifi connection.


After comparing the best 3 OS it seems that Windows and Mac can’t be used for wifi hacking due to no such capability of Networking through the OS, however, Linux seems to manage it so very well. Linux is the perfect OS which you should always dig into while talking about hack a wifi. You should not waste time on OS like Windows, Mac and other OS out there.


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