Foursquare, Yelp, And Songza Apps All Headed To Windows 8

Microsoft already has more than 50,000 apps in the Windows 8 app store, and many more seem to be heading towards it. Microsoft has revealed that some new high quality apps, including Foursquare, Yelp and Songza, are making their way to Windows 8, giving the operating system more firepower.

Foursquare is basically a location based social networking website that allows users to ‘check in’ at venues by selecting from a list of venues nearby that the application locates. Users are awarded points for every check in. Started in 2009, the application now has some 20 million registered users. Foursquare also very recently optimized its Android app for larger smartphones and tablets. Keen on expanding their user base, and generating more revenue, the social place saving and sharing service is trying to spread its presence across platforms. It is the first time that Foursquare is going to be displaying a native tablet application. Being a tablet app, Foursquare for Windows 8 focuses more on browsing the venues and looking at what your friends are doing rather than checking in.

Yelp is another very popular online community where users from the world over can review everything from restaurants, shops and pubs to businesses. The app lets you search for businesses directly and even narrow them down on the basis of location. It is a really handy app while you are on a holiday and need to look for a place to stay, eat or anything else. Users can write reviews, add photos and find recommendations. Even though yelp has long been offering its services to a variety of platforms, it will also definitely see benefits with its app now available on Windows 8.

Songza, a music streaming service, recommends assorted playlists depending on the time of day, the mood or activity. Playlists are offered for activities like waking up, working out, concentrating and even sleeping. The app offers a variety of options that lets users vote songs up or down, find playlists based on artists, songs, genres, themes, interest and even eras. Songza is really trying to boost its visibility on mobiles and with its app now on Windows 8, it already seems to be well on its way. But it has some competition with other great streaming apps like Xbox Music and Nokia music already available on the OS. Its sophistication with playlists may win the day though.

The others…
Even other popular Android and iPad tablet apps like Facebook and Flipboard may soon be coming to the platform. That’s not all. Many other applications might also be following suit, and that would definitely be good news for all the Windows 8 users. The company is clearly trying to address this issue that it does not have any direct control over: the applications in the app store.


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