Display Marketing: Leverage The Display Advertising Platform

Ever wanted to Advertise on popular websites or promote your business with images and videos now you can with the Google Display Networks, the display network is a collection of more than a million websites, mobile apps, videos, blogs and other online networks that shows AdWords Ads providing u the opportunity of reaching more than 80% of the internet users worldwide in more than 30 languages and over 100 countries or anyone with a very specific taste or interest. In this, u can also add your Search Network Ad Keywords in display network to get your Ad Position up and running on the display network. Google AdWords matches your ads to the Display Network Web pages based totally on his keyword lists and other possible factors. There is another way to manage your ads on display networks like Topics in this u can pick and choose topics specific themes of Web pages on the Display Network where you want to show your Ads, with more than one million topics to choose upon the Display Network gives u new possibilities to reach the more audience who want to hear it from you. Generally, Companies Spends more Budget on these kinds of Ads as generally it is used to create more Brand Awareness for those types of companies who’re on a large scale as compared to search network.

Display Ad v/s Search Ad:

Display Ad- Display Network shows Advertisements to all the 3rd party websites which partners with Google. When u are Advertising on the Display Network you can select different Methods to Target your Ads. There are several ways these ads are targeted sometimes it’s the content on the page that are matched or it’s the Demographic of the person visited on the sites based on the Google Data. Display Network leads to Fewer Conversions and has a less Cost per Click as compared to the Search Network. Remarketing option is allowed in Display Network.

Search Ad- Search Network shows Advertisements to peoples searching for a specific Keyword in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Search Network generally leads to more Conversions as compared to Display Network which is more suitable for Branding, whereas Remarketing option is not allowed on Search Network.

CPM v/s CPC:

CPM- It stands for Cost per Mili or Cost per Thousand, from the advertiser’s Prospective it refers to the price they are willing to pay to serve one thousand Impressions of their Ad.

CPC- It’s the price that advertisers pay each time a user clicks on an Ad in our reporting’s CPC is the matrix you receive each time a user clicks on an Ad on your website.

Display Advertising Platform

Remarketing Services:

It allows showing your ads to the visitors who already discovered your website when people leave your website without buying your product or setting up an appointment for your service. Remarketing helps you to reconnect with them by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web, using mobile apps, or as they search on google. Creating your marketing campaign who specifically targets these users who already visited your website and it can be a great way to convert them into your customers as they are already familiar with your business and boost your overall investments with Google AdWords. AdWords will just give u a Remarketing snippet code to put on your website so that a user visits your website their cookie ID is added to your remarketing list. The goal of the remarketing campaign is to remind these past visitors of the products or services that you have offered which finally encouraged them to return to your website to complete the Desired Action which we called a Conversion.

These are all but just glimpses into the Whole Module of Display Marketing. In order to know more about not just the changing trends, but also about any of the updates in the digital marketing world or in order to have a complete command over various digital marketing modules, Enrol at Digital Technology Institute and get trained by the best digital marketing professionals that India has to offer.



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