Hiring A Great App Artist – The Way To Go About It

With the number of apps in the app stores growing at an astounding rate and with the total downloads crossing the 2 billion mark, hundreds of small firms and freelancers have come up who specialize in building apps. As an app producer, one of the primary tasks of publishing apps is to find people with the kind of talent that your app requires.

Market Research is a crucial part of this process. Defining the category that your app falls under and subsequently researching the competitors in that field is a must. There are people in every niche – be it programmers, game producers, artists, landscape gardeners, writers or concept creators. So having a clear idea about what you want from the app makes selecting the artists that your app needs easier.

If your app is a relatively large project, it would be best to look for a developmental group or an established agency to handle the project. For a project of a smaller scope, hiring freelancers would be better.

Analyzing the developer’s skills and reviewing the samples of their past work is the next step to follow. If the developer has worked with web-based APIs in the past, he/she will most likely have the technical know-how required for building an app. Cocoa development and Apple’s platform can prove helpful in assessing a developer’s experience. On the whole, the work of the developer should reflect the quality of work that you would want your app to have. Although they may offer to work for a lower price, it is better to avoid hiring novice developers. If design is an important part of your app, you should look for graphic designers or developers who have had experience working with art directors.

Skill is definitely the most important aspect of a developer’s abilities; however attitude, passion and communication, among others are also important aspects. You should be able to discuss the details of the project with your developer in a meaningful way. You also need to be given regular updates on where the project is heading.

On the basis of the domain of the project, the timeline may differ. While complex apps will take longer to produce, others may be completed sooner than you expect. About six months is standard and the rest may be negotiated with the developer, as long as that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the app. Deadlines make the job a lot more manageable, and also avoid any discrepancies that may arise between the producer and the developer. They will also keep you updated about the project, and the essential requirements at each stage can be discussed accordingly.

Hiring a team can be a difficult job, but once done, it is important to remember that you are working together. For best results, you need to trust your developer’s skills and instincts, and let them know that their work is appreciated.


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