Networking Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

A good network is the foundation of every successful business. As good as it sounds you can’t just build your complete business at home without interacting with anybody else. You need a good deal of contacts to pull your way through, for sponsorship, for getting a good staff etc.

Networking Mistakes

So here are a few networking mistakes most entrepreneurs make and you should completely avoid.

  • Going To Networking Events
    You may think that you will make a lot of contacts at these events and find sponsors, and put in a lot of time into it but it’s really not worth it, as only the newbies in the business attend these events, people just like you looking for sponsors, so they will not be of any help to you.
  • Leaving Everything On Your Gut
    If you leave everything on your gut and don’t go for validation you will just be setting yourself up for a major failure. First make sure your app be a success on the basis of research and only then invest your time and money into building it and marketing it. Unless ads until you have validation for your app you will not have anyone invest in your app.
  • Clinging To Only Your Goal
    While networking if you only keep clinging to your goal and do not understand that networking works on a give and take principle you will not be successful at all. You will have to be persistent but if you just think about getting your work done and not about what the other person wants in return, you’re in for a hard time.
  • Being Boring
    Understand that networking is nothing different than making friends, so if you are boring and keep ranting only about your work chances are no one will be interested in you or your business. Be fun and spontaneous and get a hobby, show the person that you are interesting and your work is as interesting as you. Especially in the case of sponsors, your impression really matters.
  • Networking Without A Clear Outcome In Mind
    Networking is always done for a purpose. To find staff, sponsors, powerful partnerships and getting capital. It is good that you have everything figured out so that you know how to talk to whom. If you know what you want from a person talk to them along the same line from the start.
  • Focusing On Quantity And Not Variety When Making Contacts
    How many contacts you have matters but not as much as how many different types of contacts you have. Do not forget to network with people in all areas and fields.

Overall, networking is really important show your passion for your work and how amazing it is and how amazing you are, that it is not just a one way relationship and you will be of any use you can to them. Even if you don’t benefit from it anyway at least you will increase awareness about your app.


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