Top 10 Mobile App Development Company You Can Handover Your Project To

Mobile apps are in bulk and so are the mobile app development service providers. Finding the reliable one where you can handover your project without the fear of getting it screwed is challenging than it actually looks. It’s like shopping, when you have plenty of choice around you, picking one and probably the best one is confusing. Here we are helping you to shop the best company. We are presenting you with 10 options, the top ones. Scrutinize them and see which one fits your needs perfectly.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Company

1) Fueled

The basic agenda of fueled is to develop the apps which rank high in the App store. If this is what you expect from the company you hire, this is what you are looking for. They develop apps that create value in the user’s mobile device as well as the heart. Whether it is a startup or a big brand, the company takes every project and pour its heart and soul to make it best.

2) 360 Degree Technosoft

360 Degree Technosoft

The company has worked with some of the big brands like ABB, Xerox, Samsung and Leica which makes it one of the trustworthy company to hand over your project to. With such high reputation, qualitative output yet affordable budget, why should one refrain from hiring this mobile app development company?

On-time delivery, use of latest technology, creative work and post app launch maintenance are some of the highlighting features of the company. If you are not looking for mere vendor and looking for someone who can be your development partner, you know who is the best.

3) Appinventive

The company has 200+ innovators under their roof. The company has worked with 20+ brands and has proved its excellence in varied categories. The company has its front foot on iOS, Android for Latest smartphones, wearable, the blockchain, beacon, chatbot and IoT app development. The explored categories by the company include food and beverages, e-commerce, security, education, real estate, and finance. If any of these categories is on your development agenda, then you know whom to hire.

4) Contus

The best thing about this company is that it copes with every nuance entering the tech world. It is well versed in the IOT apps, wearable apps, AR apps, VR apps, Beacons apps, and BLE 4.0. Also, not to forget the company is versatile and has rendered services in the field of food, healthcare, automobile, e-commerce, finance and such others.

5) Synlogics

If you are looking for app development from the pure business perspective, this is the right place to stop by. It is business automation and enterprise app development company entailing cloud computing services, web and mobile app development services, e-commerce services, digital marketing services, and cross-channel business channel automation. The company very well knows how to make business lucrative for mobile apps.

6) Savvy Apps

The expertise of this company lies with developing apps for startups, marketing it, increasing user engagement and business productivity. The company has its core competencies in backend development, native app development, visual designing, user experience, and app marketing and branding. So, any of these services hold your point of interest, you know whom to hire.

7) July Rapid

July Rapid has a strong belief that one size can’t fit all and the thought is fair enough. Hence, they have a different team for catering different needs based on their size and requirements. From startups to small sized to business, from medium-sized business to large enterprises, they have different solutions for all. The categories where this company excels are technology, e-commerce, entertainment and media, finance and banking, retail, healthcare, and sports.

8) Cumulations

When it comes to development IOT apps especially for the domain of retail, healthcare, home automation, and infotainment, the company play its cards very well. The company covers several platforms like Android, iOS, native, and wearable. Impressive portfolio and an immense amount of experience are plus points with the company.

9) Wedigtech

Yes, the company deserves to be on the list of top 10 mobile app development companies. The company provides platform-specific services. You ask it and company will suggest you better solutions than you expected. Company entails both native app development and cross-platform app development. When it comes to gaming apps the company provides gaming app solution for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. IOT apps. Website development and enterprise app development are some of the additional services. They also render services on cross-platform services based on PhoneGap and Xamarin.

10) Willow Tree

Coming to popularity and goodwill, willow tree has created a great reputation and there are no divergent ways to the fact that you should hand over the project or not. Commercial and retail both the sectors are covered and users love the app and clients are satisfied. iOS development, Android development, Web development, Rapid prototyping, Xamarin development, UWP development, and SAP development are the area of expertise.



  1. It has to be said that there’s going to be a huge shift where Mobile Apps are going to outrun Web Applications. Smartphones and tablet computing have led to new business opportunities, such as personalized services to customers and streamlined internal communications. In today’s era everyone seeks speed and convenience, Mobile Apps are one of the brilliant ways to boost up your business venture. This blog post seems to provide the best knowledge about the top companies of mobile app development and I would like to read more posts on such topics in future.


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