Secret for Marketers: Don’t Wreck Your Capability Deck

For the marketing people, creating capability deck is just like having coffee, you do every morning. It’s not just doing it in routine, but also doing it without really rubbing your mind, the same monotonous thing time and again. It’s like when you bang the remote when it’s not working instead of changing the batteries. Insane and useless, right? Well, creating a capability deck to flaunt the captivating features of the company is something marketing team has always struggled with. An intuitive way for communication, distinguishing them from their competitors, promoting themselves in a way that doesn’t feel like one these tactics have been tried for decades. Change is something that’s constant, but I guess this theory has been refrained from being applied to the marketing tactics. So, let’s bring some amendments.

1) Cut the Crap

Ever lost your way and took 40 minutes to reach the destination that can be reached in just 10 minutes? Frustrating, right? Clients feel the same way when you pitch them with the loads of services you provide. A short story turns out into a book. My friend, this is the era of summary and offering a book, is this the right thing to do? Cut the crap, be straight yet polite, be clear yet humble, be short yet deep, swift yet crisp. Got it?

2) Clients do have Their Existence

What would be your reaction if you are enjoying your friend’s wedding and a relative just grabs you and starts narrating their life story? It’s 10 minutes the story doesn’t end, it’s 20 and continues to be an hour or more. Your friends are dancing, you are hungry, you are tired, you are sleepy, but your relative just shoots the words like the bullet. How irritating would it be, right? This similar situation you put your clients when you pitch a 100 slide PowerPoint to them to lure them. Keep your capability deck short, sweet, and sassy.

3) They Know What You Tell Them

Knowledge is very scarce these days. As a mobile app development company, you are fairly aware of what you have got and you have not. Rolling to the client’s side, their brains capture only what you portray. When you showcase your capabilities in your deck, indirectly you tell them you can do only this much. Change the approach, don’t tell them you have done this, tell them you can do anything they want. That’s the kind of confidence you need to have.

4) Don’t be Late, Fetch the Date

Is there any point of buying umbrella once the monsoon is finished? Of course, not. You sent an email pitching your highlighting features with the time duration taken to accomplish the project of iPhone or Android app development. The competitive company agreed to the same work in a curtailed time period and responded way before you did. Is this going to help you grab the potential client? Be accurate and attentive, smooth and swift, proficient and personal. So, don’t be late, fetch the date, get the groove and make your move.

5) Ever Wondered, Why Set a Standard?

Standards are your history, restricting you from attaining new things. Don’t repeat the history, it’s time for creating a new chemistry. Standards are a pretty backdated concept and always pitch your deck a step ahead. Your targeted set of clients will never know what capabilities your company possesses.



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