Improving App Store Optimization(ASO)

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter which app store or market a developer takes their app, if it’s not getting the visibility that will lead to the traction it needs. Increasing or securing visibility in the first place is not that easy with the app market getting flooded every day. How then do developers go about improving their apps’ optimization (ASO)? There are two crucial ways to go about this.

Improving App Store Optimization

The App Itself

There’re different and lots of elements to consider in the design and functionality of the app to increase it’s visibility. The fact that there’s so much buzz about keywords instead of SEO in the apps industry is a true reflection that users rely on keywords to search for the apps they want, so developers should depend on that more.

Brand trust also matters a lot as users tend to trust apps by certain developers more than others. Developers then need to make sure that they use heavy weights in the app/tech industry to rate and review their apps whilst making sure that their app ages at the same rate as their target users – there’s no point in upgrading an app that is not inline with the changing needs of its users. Add to that the responsive speed of the App – developers tend to forget this a lot but a lot of users, myself included, walk away from Apps that take a lot to respond to requests.

Improving App Store Optimization

Of critical importance are the description and screenshots of the app. Use all the screenshots that the app store you place your app onto allow even if it means squeezing 4 screenshots into one, if they help give a better description of your app. A picture speaks a thousand words and more images help boost the attractiveness of your app, the better. This works even better for app localization – the developer has an opportunity to say more to different audiences.

If your app icon is not one that makes a user curious, you’ve already lost their attention and possibly a sale. Ensure your icon is memorable!

Brand Sustainability

Marketing is not a forte that a lot of developers possess or can afford, yet the truth that ongoing marketing is the magic to boost an App’s visibility remains.Developers have got to keep the app ‘top of mind’ among their users through digital integration and much more. This could be through email newsletters as long as the users have a reason to share or like your app. The psychology here is to move the user through the branding continuum from unaware to aware to negative, then to positive affinity and then action – downloading your app.

Points For Better APP Store Optimization

This then means an ongoing PR buzz outside the app store so that, that messaging is linked back to your app becomes an every day to-do. Reviews and interviews on the traditional PR platforms will all drive traffic to your app, and that developers is how you out-do the competition!

Above all developers, create a hot app that the world market can’t get enough of.



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