Mobile App Development: Keep it Simple

App development is a simplistically complicated process. Bumfuzzled, right? Whether it is simple or complicated? Here is the straightforward answer, app development is easy with right resources and it is extremely difficult devoid of those resources. When you set out for the war, make sure you are equipped with the right type of arms and ammunition to win it. App development is also like a war where you need to gear up with the right type of platform, the squad of developers and proper investment. The all-time popular notion about app development is that is a heavy investment project and yes time-consuming one, let’s try the other way round, make it simple, rapid and low cost.

  1. You can if you plan: Heading right for the execution can end up in unforeseen mistakes and how is this going to fit in low-cost mobile app development process? The way out here is to plan things before jumping into the development process. If your mind is blank what to plan about, here are a few things: the platform to pick, the number of developers needed, and time period of deployment. The last two factors depend upon the first factor. If the native is the choice of the platform you make, the time and developers would be definitely high as it is to be built from scratch. If web apps are your choice, time and cost both would be low. If the hybrid is the choice of platform, time, developers and budget would be somewhere between native and web apps.
  2. The best cure is to make your app secure: You shouldn’t be giving any second when it comes to app security. Whether you are indulging in iPhone or Android app development, security is the essential element to focus on. There is nothing to faff around what are the security measures to be taken. It’s really simple: authorization and authentication are the two things sufficient to make your mobile app security. Apart from that communication app with another system like Cloud services and other apps is also something to work on.
  3. Choose the middle route: Running low on time? Running low on budget? The easiest solution is to run low of features as well and pick the midway. There is no point in cluttering the app with multiple features just to show off to the audience. Fill in only those features which are actually needed. So, you got your excess time cutter and the cost cutter.
  4. Code cutter: The native app is a whole bunch of coding even though it offers the best app experience. Not all the mobile app development company has skilled developers to be able to do rigorous coding. We are recognized as a top California Mobile App Development Agency on DesignRush. If this is the scenario, you can tackle it. Rapid mobile app development tools are the way out which supports low code or no code development. Skills, resources, and money all three factors are needed less when you opt for these tools. If you intend to build highly customized mobile apps, you will not comply with these tools and native would be a preferable platform for you.
  5. Frame the marketing policies pre-hand: Your app might be picture perfect with full-fledged features, but it won’t work until it is not marketed to the relevant market and to the relevant audience. Indulge in market analysis and check for the right platforms to market your app on. You can try SEO, SMO, spread the word and the one that suits and works for marketing the app.




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