5 Simple Marketing Tips

A product sells only when it is marketed well – even if you have got a great product and nobody knows about it, it won’t ever sell! Marketing gives your product a personality; it is what makes the product appealing and desirable.

It is important that you invest a good sum of money and time on marketing your app and you market your app well.

Here are five simple things you need to keep in mind when marketing your product:

  1. Market Segmentation
    Remember that it is always easier to market your app when you have a specific market segment. An app which has to appeal to everyone is hard to market. In which case you have to advertise your app in such a way that it shows that everyone will enjoy it or benefit from it.
  2. Social Media
    Social media is the biggest portal you will get for advertising. No matter how small or big your app is making sure there is a mobile version of the website. Keep users constantly updated about new versions and features and answer all their queries. It will increase your brand awareness and make sure you draw the attention of the right kind of audience. Manage your reviews and make sure your app has good reviews. For example whatsapp constantly updates its users on twitter about any bug, problem in the system and latest versions.
  3. Ad Networks
    Tie up with an ad company where in to increase your revenue you let them advertise their ads and at the same time they can advertise your app on other apps and through banners etc. it is important that your app reaches your target audience so ensue your advertising company does that there is no point in advertising a business app on instagram or angry birds.
  4. Organic Ranking
    Apple store and Google play have different methods to calculate their organic ranking. If your organic ranking is high it will obviously encourage more people to download your app. Apple calculates its organic ranking on the basis of ad driven links whereas Google play calculates organic ranking on the basis of maximum usage after downloading. So in case of apple invest more in ads.
  5. Building An App Empire
    The best and the cheapest way to market your app is to do it yourself. You can advertise your own apps by advertising one app on your network on another app. You can have interactive ads, push notifications and banners.  Use click through downloads, so that downloading is easy and faster when an ad is seen. For example the game fruit ninja advertises jet pack joyride both of which are on the same network, it also allows you to instantly download hence increasing the download rate.

Summing it up, using all these strategies in the right way will generate a lot of publicity for your app and increase downloads in minutes which will of course lead to higher organic ranking which will in turn publicize your app more and the cycle will keep going on.


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