Saving Time – Possible Ways To Do It For App Developers

Way To Save Time of App Developers

  • Creating apps is fun, and when you are creating it solely for that reason you will prefer to do it in your free time.
  • This free time might not be so valuable to you as to a developer turned entrepreneur.
  • Time is everything if you are looking at paying your bills from the revenue that the app brings, it’s similar to being a consultant, and every minute spent on the app is a billable minute.
  • Saving time becomes very crucial to ensuring you earn more out of every working hour.

Saving Time

Keeping All Artwork Vector Based

  • Generally any User Interface effects or elements can be created using vector shapes.
  • The advantage here is that you can always go back and change or edit a vector shape pretty easily.

Designing App Icon Once

  • Adobe Smart Objects in Photoshop CS4+ and Symbols in Fireworks allows you to make your app icon only ones, duplicate and resize.
  • This saves so much time as compared to creating different sized apps for different gadgets, one at a time.

Starting With Security in Mind    

  • Rushing to launch an app, then garnering a large user base without having thoroughly considered app security could result in losing all users, or having to spend more time adjusting the security measures already in place.
  • Evaluating the ecosystem from the word go and making use of the diverse powerful security development kits, already available on the market to ensure time won’t be wasted at a later stage trying to rectify breaches.

Saving Time of App Developer

Realistic Development and Launch Plan

  • One mistake that developers make is to assume the number of hours it will take to complete an app.
  • This is not an industry to be in if you are going to work on assumptions.
  • Time spent on research and proper planning will mean less time dealing with unexpected emergencies in the process but minor deviations and then back again to the planned schedule.

Customizing Workflow Into Developer Applications 

  • These range from general display options, file-saving, cursor, performance to type options and many others.
  • Developers create productivity apps for the working professionals; making use of these will actually save them time as well.
  • Most time savings can be reaped from having planned properly in the beginning.
  • A good sense of direction helps you to stay calm during a setback and keep going, the absence however causes stress and therefore ends up wasting crucial time.



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