Mobile App to Find Veg Food Near You

Isn’t it frustrating to discover that a restaurant serves only non-vegetarian food upon entering it? Or do you wonder where the meat you have ordered comes from? Gone are the days when you had to worry about these aspects while going to a restaurant. Now, there is an app that can help you find eating joints that serve either meat from animals that have been treated humanely or plain vegetarian food. The purpose of this isn’t to discourage one lifestyle or another but to make it easier for people to take careful decision when they go out to eat.

Veg Food App

Think About Creativity!
App entrepreneurs will understand how simple apps can come in useful. Think about the potential of this app. People who visit restaurants on a regular basis can feel confident of what they order. In one way, it gives them a good feeling. The application houses a massive database of over 16000 restaurants in the United States of America that have vegetarian menus or mention that the meat has been raised in a humane manner. This means that the animals had a nutritious diet and had not been raised on artificial hormones or antibiotics. It also means that the animals had sufficient shelter and space. Get a best food dehydrator for jerky.

The Humane Eating Project allows you to search for restaurants in your area. The application shows a list of restaurants along with a tag showing the kind of food served there. In addition to this, ratings, directions and contact information is also provided. The practices followed in the non-vegetarian food industry are horrifying. Nonetheless, people seldom think of those while eating meat at a restaurant.

Why It Was Built?
The primary mission of the Humane Eating Project is to reduce the amount of effort that people have to put in while discovering vegetarian restaurants or those where humanely raised animals are served for meat. The goal is to encourage more people to take a moral decision and support farms that emphasize sustainable practices. This could eventually alter the way people eat thereby eliminating the need of restaurants to serve delicacies that require animal abuse.

How You Can Make An App Like This?
Creating applications that give the right information to users regarding the food served at a restaurant can help people take the right decision. As the information is available via an app, it will enable people to visit the best place thereby saving a great deal of time and effort.

As an app entrepreneur, you can build an app that users need. The app need not be complex but needs to address user’s queries to be effective. After all, the more useful it is the more will it be downloaded by users.


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