What You Should Love About Nokia and Windows 8?

Nokia Lumia 920 powers the Windows 8 phone – two brands coming together to hopefully get a chunk of the mobile market share. Both brands, Windows and Nokia pushing the envelope on innovation, the Win8 phone is a good gadget to look at in considering why these two brands should be loved right now.

What Is Good In Nokia and Windows8

  • Camera – the Windows 8 phone probably outshines every other phone out there because of its low light capabilities. Most cameras aren’t good when it comes to capturing images in low light.
  • Live tiles – instead of icons that one has to click on and then they open up to get the info one needs, live tiles means one can actually get the info they need in a snap without opening or clicking on anything.
  • Linking contacts – most devices when you sync contacts you end up with say 5 contacts in your phone book for one person. Windows 8 allows for linking of contacts so you have one contact, which is really good and saves a lot of time having to scroll down the contacts list when trying to get hold of a friend.
  • Back button – it’s irritating on other devices to go back to your last page on whatever you would have been working on. Win8 has a back button and it’s that convenience that I personally love.
  • Email search – whereas other devices only allows for the search of a name, title or subject line, Win8 phone allows for the search of a full email address.

Nokia and Windows 8

Even though the mobile industry was expecting big news on like a Windows tablet, but that’s didn’t happen. Nokia didn’t introduce anything new either except the direction they are taking with the Lumias – developing them further and making them available to the masses at reasonable pricing.

Last year the Windows 8 phone sales were huge mainly due to Nokia’s range of devices. The latest Nokia Lumias 520 and 720 are pushing the Win8 phones’ prices even lower meaning Nokia lovers can have the phones they want without breaking their bank balances.

The Nokia Lumia is a very durable phone. Try dropping it to the ground and see what happens. This is not news considering that some of the very first mobiles by Nokia were considered to be the most durable even back then.Add a longer battery life to that and you are left wanting for nothing else.

The combination of Windows and Nokia has meant seamless social networking integration in both their different phones. It’s all done in a way that won’t make the user feel overwhelmed. There’s also an easier integration with a services and platforms that are not at all tied to Microsoft which makes for a better user experience.


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