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5 Most Interesting Apps to Explore While Stuck at Home

Most Interesting Apps to Explore While Stuck at Home

What started as a temporary, precautionary measure in 2020 has now become the new normal as we know it. And most of us have spent the past few months in quarantine. Even as we start heading out and restoring some sense of normalcy to our lives, most of us prefer to limit physical interactions as much as possible. With the virus continually evolving, we must do all we can to control the spread and protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, being stuck home all these months has led to us developing some form of cabin fever. Therefore, it’s essential to find some way to beat the boredom. 

In such a scenario, it seems the internet is our only savior. Fortunately, numerous apps can help keep boredom at bay and bring some productivity back to our lives. Mobile phone apps aren’t just for entertainment purposes. They can help you hone essential skills or live a healthier life. Nevertheless, if you’re having a hard time finding apps to use while stuck at home, keep reading below. We’ve listed the best apps to use during your quarantine.

Ghost Hunting

Who would’ve thought you could become a ghostbuster while stuck in quarantine? Well, with this handy app, that’s precisely what you can do. We’ve all seen ghostbusters as kids, and you would imagine that you’d need all sorts of high-tech equipment to detect any paranormal activity in the area. While some extra gadgets would undoubtedly help, they’re not all you need to start on your ghost-busting journey. Instead, you can start with a handy app on your mobile phone.

Some of these apps act as EMF detectors. In contrast, others provide Ouija boards, allowing you to communicate with spirits. When using a ghost hunting app for the first time, it’s best to have friends with you. You never know what you might encounter. If you’re looking to make quarantine a bit more fun, using these apps is a great start. For the best effect, we recommend you use them late at night.


If you prefer to find a more productive way to spend all this free time, getting the Kindle app is the best choice for you. Of all the hobbies to nurture, reading is easily one of the most rewarding. When stuck at home, it allows you to transport yourself across borders and even across your imagination. Furthermore, reading helps you hone your vocabulary and writing skills and helps broaden your worldview.

However, it can be challenging to take time out and read a book in today’s fast-paced world. The Kindle app makes it much easier for you to get back into the habit and gives you millions of books, magazines, and newspapers right at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can customize the app according to your preferences by adding your preferred font, page color, and format to make reading enjoyable.


Even as lockdowns ease up globally, it would be incredibly unwise and irresponsible to get together with all your loved ones unless necessary. Even after vaccination, there are chances you might catch the virus and transmit it. However, if you’re feeling cooped up and isolated, there may be an innovative solution.

Houseparty has been on app stores for a while but has gained immense popularity during lockdowns. It has a fun, quirky interface that lets you have a house party but virtually. You can join up to eight friends at a time, and you get alerted every time someone logs into it. It’s the perfect way to stay connected to all your close friends without meeting in person. Plus, the app has a few fun party games you can play. These games include trivia, heads up, chips and guac, and quick draw.


If you had your doubts before, by now, you might be sure cabin fever is pretty authentic. Once you spend so long cooped up in one place, you may start suffering from many mental health disturbances. What makes the situation worse is the uncertainty, as none of us can be sure about when things will return to normal. Suppose you have insomnia or experience changes in eating patterns, distractedness, lethargy, and mood swings. In that case, you might need to give your mind a break and relax.

Headspace is an incredibly effective, calming app that can help you take your mind off anything that might be bothering you and relax. You might not imagine online meditation to work that well, but headspace comes with many benefits. It has a collection of stories that can help you sleep and psychologist-certified breathing exercises to help you relax. Furthermore, you can find a collection of courses that can help you stay positive. The aesthetic design makes the app much more satisfying to use, and we’re sure it’ll help take away some of your quarantine blues.


With all the free time on our hands, people have tried to learn a new skill or hone their existing talents. One of the best things to do while you’re stuck at home can be learning a new language. Everyday life can give us little opportunity to make time to learn a new language, but Duolingo is here to change that.

Learning a language can seem incredibly daunting, but Duolingo makes it an easy process with its welcoming, friendly interface. You can take up to 108 different language courses in 38 global languages. If you’re preparing for a trip abroad once restrictions ease, Duolingo is the best way to master foreign languages. It can help you learn Mandarin, French, Turkish, Spanish, and dozens of more languages. Furthermore, Duolingo allows you to go at your own pace.


It might seem like your options are super limited while you’re stuck at home, but these apps can help you spend your time productively while ensuring fun. There’s an app out there for everyone, from ghost hunting to foreign language apps; you can pick any according to your interest. And these are just a few of the best apps to use while in quarantine. Apart from fun ghost-busting apps and language apps, you can opt for workout apps, fun games, cooking apps, and more.

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