Now You Can Transfer Your iOS Apps

Wanted to transfer you iOS app to other account? Here is good news for you. On 10th June, 2013, Apple has introduced new feature in their iTunes Connect panel called App Transfer, most waited feature for App Entrepreneurs. In past we have seen lot of people asking “How to transfer iOS app to another account?” but now apple have answer for it. Now app entrepreneurs can transfer their apps in various situations like when app distribution deal expires, company acquisition or selling whole app ownership to some other person or company who has developer account.

If you wanted to transfer ownership of app from one account to another account then with this feature it can be done very easily.

Initiating an App Transfer:

  • Login to iTunes Connect and select app you wanted to transfer.
  • Click on transfer app button located on app page.
  • Make sure all the criteria for transferring app are green and continue.
  • Enter recipient’s Team Agent Apple ID and Team ID and continue.
  • You have to agree terms provided by Apple.
  • Once you agree, app transfer will be initiated and now you will see Transfer Pending status for your app and you will get email notification about the changes.

Receiving an App Transfer:

  • Receiving Team member will get email notification about initiated app transfer.
  • Login to iTunes Connect, you will get alert on home page of iTunes Connect.
  • Click on continue on alert and it will redirect you to Contracts and Banking module. You can modify contracts and banking details accordingly.
  • On pressing review button, you will be redirected to app details page.
  • You need to update app details and meta data if required.
  • On accepting the app, Apple will initiate final stage for app transfer.
  • Apple may take 3 Hours to 2 business days for reviewing contracts.
  • Once they approve transfer, you will get email notification and app will be shown under your account.

Few Points to Consider While Transferring App:

  • Only team agent can initiate app transfer.
  • You will need Recipient’s Team Agent Apple ID and Team ID.
  • After finishing process, you won’t have any control over app.
  • You will not see app in your account after process is finished.
  • The source code and the app binary are not included in the app transfer process so you have to handle it separately.
  • You can transfer only one iOS app at a time.

You can go through Apple FAQ if you face any problem.
Have Happy App Transfer.


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