What 5 Thumbs Down Did iOS 8 Get?

The unmatched cheer and excitement of iOS 8 unboxing is slowly melting away. With a host of not-so-useful features and annoying bugs, Apple is busy perfecting its act.

iOS 8 was supposed to lead the way but it seems to be coming in the way of already peaceful ecosystems. Users are fed-up, frustrated and throwing rants, as they seem a bit disappointed with the best technological giant called Apple.

Let’s take a look at the 5 thumbs down at iOS 8:

1. iCloud
Avoid adding iCloud Drive on your Mac. It will not allow your apps to sync with the older devices such as iOS 7. Until all your devices are compatible do not enable iCloud Drive onto your Mac.

The problem being that iCloud Drive is only compatible with devices using iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite enabled Macs. Realmac Software’s Nick Fletcher explains that until Yosemite is released iCloud Drive will prevent the syncing of apps with Mac.

2. Photos
iOS 8 clubs photos and videos, together, to its Recently Added folder. Here, they get mixed with the already saved files in iCloud. This same folder even holds a folder which contains your deleted photos, called Recently Deleted.

This means you first have to delete a photo from Recently Added folder and then from Recently Deleted folder. Does not sound fun, at all. In case, you do not get rid of the photo from your Recently Deleted folder, it will vanish off completely after 30 days. This is one of iOS 8’s highly annoying features.

3. Apps
iOS 8’s update was not received well. Shortly after its release users complained of it affecting their cellular service and access to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, for Twitter users.

The incident occurred shortly after Apple introduced update remedies for HealthKit app snags. The HealthKit bug was not letting third-party apps share health and fitness data with Apple’s own Health app (the new iOS 8).

4. Contacts
Though, iOS 8 has introduced an array of updates to let users get instant access to their Contacts, via double tapping the home button. The list displays a list of people users have recently messaged.

The not-so-good-thing about this feature is it displays the name of the contacts, you want to keep hidden. In order, to get rid of a contact you do not wish to see, simply go to Settings, select Mail, Contacts. Visit Calendars, select Show in App Switcher and just turn it Off.

5. Family Share
Guess, Apple did not pay any heed to the privacy concerns while building the Family Sharing. Though, it lets you share purchases via iTunes, App Store and the iBooks, it does not let you share accounts.

The scary part is whenever you download something from iTunes it quickly sends notifications to all users. The same happens when someone else downloads something and you are notified of it. So not Apple.

Is Apple Listening?
As always, Apple will bounce back with sure-shot and improvised fixes. Looking at old patterns we know that Apple will be again with us with its 8.0.1 updates, in October, likely.

Hopefully, this is not the end of the story yet, for Apple.


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