iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C – What It Offers To App Developers

Both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C now run the new iOS 7. Millions of users will also be upgrading to iOS 7 on their earlier iOS devices and that’s why app entrepreneurs need to be sure that their apps are iOS 7 compatible. Apple will seek only those apps which are compatible with iOS 7, where the app is optimized for Retina display.

iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C

It’s true, iOS 7 has met with a few criticisms regarding its new look. Developers have stated that the issue of backward compatibility becomes a problem. However, if you are an Apple fan, even as a developer you are bound to know that what Apple is offering now is something exquisite. All iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C owners are bound to experience something much better.

Here Are A Few Tips To App Developers For Making Better Apps:

  • iPhone 5S and 5C is going to change the face of app development, thanks to the various new SDK’s. As app entrepreneurs, it might take a while to understand the new things, design functions, game development app execution and a lot more on OS version. So, it’s vital to learn these new aspects from time to time to create better apps. Staying updated is the key.
  • Latest versions of Xcode need to be learned and the up gradation of Mac is also important. New development framers and features of iOS 7 should be learnt as well. For example, Sprite kit framework is helpful to app creators for creating better gaming apps, second is JavaScriptCore that will wrap the JavaScript elements in Objection-C so if there are two different mobile platforms, it will be easier to port the apps and there are many other things which would need to be implemented.
  • iOS 7 in iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C allows app developers to create new apps for iOS 7 or they can even choose to upgrade. Some app creators can choose to build a whole new experience to sell the app by creating an original one.
  • With iPhone 5S, Apple has brought the first desktop 64 bit chip architecture to a phone which is a thrilling opportunity to mobile world as apps which are optimized for iPhone 5S will work much effectively. Compiling the apps will be easier as the 32 bit version and 64 bit version will be in one binary. The 64 bit architecture also means that testing strategy has to be examined. Once the required changes have been made for upgrade, apart from testing on 64 bits, like for iPhone 5S, you would also need to see that how it works on 32 bit version.



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