Upcoming Trends in UI in 2020 after COVID 19

UI stands for User Interface. It refers to the graphical layout of any application. UI includes the text on the screen, images, text entry fields, buttons clicked on by the users, sliders, and everything else that helps users interact with the device. All kinds of visual elements, animations, or interactions available to the user are part of the UI design.

Mobile app design services employ UI designers who take care of these aspects of application development and determine what the app will look like. These UI designers must learn everything from button shapes and color schemes to the typefaces used for the text and the width of lines used.

Trends in UI Just like fashion trends, the trends in UI design also varies from year to year. Some aspects go out of fashion while new ones become trendy. Past trends also come back into prominence after a few years. The year 2020 has been turbulent for the whole world because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has affected all sectors and industries across the world and has left its impact on almost everything. Naturally, trends in UI design are also expected to change after the pandemic.

Here are a few aspects that can be expected to be trendy in 2020 in the UI  design industry. 

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is a major aspect of UI design and is not only concerned with UX development. Different mobile app design services play a very important role in the storytelling process of UI development. Website design latest trends demand the telling of stories with the help of 

animations, interactions, design colours and typography for the UI design of the app. Several international companies implement the process of storytelling beautifully in their mobile app design terminology. Proper storytelling guides the users through the advantages of a 

particular product with the help of relatable imagery, beautiful fonts and relevant animations projects the product in a positive light.

2. Animation and 3D graphics

Mobile app design services have always focused on animation and 3D graphics in their UI design. However, the phenomenon has gained increased importance in recent trends in UI design. In the past few years, multiple product categories have implemented 3D graphics in 

their product design. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications have benefited immensely from these aspects of application design. They enable the users to have an actual upfront experience over supported devices without being physically present. The 360-degree 

product view is also an important aspect of 3D graphics and animation. 3D designs and animations add to the visual appeal of a product. Even though it requires additional resources they are worth it because of their improved user experience.

3. Unique Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are an important aspect of mobile app design services. Often designers overlook this aspect and pay a costly price for it. Unique micro-interactions offers detailed 

Feedback and extra insight to the users. Haptic feedback in mobile applications, different color combinations for the various states, and interactive animations are some of the popular elements of unique micro-interactions. This mobile app design tool can 

elevate the build quality of any application and increased its worth in the market. 

4. Dark Themes

Even though this has been around for quite some time, its popularity peaked only in 2019. 

Popular mobile operating systems implemented this feature in their devices including 

Android, and iOS. It can be expected that this phenomenon will still be trending in 2020. 

Dark themes have several benefits, which make them all the more accessible to users. Apart from being visually attractive, dark ideas do not put a lot of strain on the user’s eyes. Popular applications like Gmail and WhatsApp have received updates that support dark mode in them. Mobile app design services go to great extents to implement this feature in their product development process. 

5. Simplicity

Even though app development is a complex process and consists of several aspects that need careful attention, the complexities should never be exposed. The more simple an application appears, the more popular it becomes. Therefore, simplicity and minimalism are essential aspects of mobile app design patterns.

Nowadays, mobile app design services emphasize functionality and keep their designs simple upfront. Minimalistic designs include bold fonts, a lot of white space, minimalist color patterns, and Gestalt principles. 

6. Voice Interactions

Mobile applications and smartphones have made voice interactions a popular aspect of digital operations. They are now mainstream and are accessible to a vast user base. When customers can interact with applications through voice commands, many new possibilities open up in terms of product interaction.

Voice commands make it possible for users to use apps in places where touch interactions are impossible, like while driving or cooking. Implementing voice interactions in their applications will be a massive step for UI 

designers as it is expected to revolutionize the application industry completely. 

7. Typography and Font Styles

Simplicity is the new trend in terms of font designs and typography. Mobile app design services offer new ways of making letters appear beautiful within the applications now and then. The trends in typography that are expected to be popular in 2020 are serif typefaces and layers of other fonts and elements.

Initially, Serif typefaces were not considered suitable for applications as they were hard to read on a mobile screen. Web design navigation trends have changed, and now serif has emerged as a contender for the typefaces used in applications. High-resolution devices enable the finer details of the letters to be more appropriately visible to the users. 

These are some of the aspects that can be in fashion in the app development industry in 2020. After the pandemic dies down, mobile app design services can be expected to implement These into their product designs. This list, however, is not exhaustive and there can be several other phenomena that can shoot up into prominence.


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