Ways To Track Your App Downloads And Revenue

It’s okay that you have set down the objectives you had in mind or your business model to be a success. Once you go to the market, you will however need metrics to track your app downloads and revenue. How then do you go about doing this? There are many tools to track your app downloads and revenue. In fact, these tools are becoming more of a necessity each day in helping determine whether you stick to the same strategy or change it for your app to succeed. The great thing is that most of these tools are app themselves, developed by your fellow developers.

Distimo App Analytics

This app features sales tracking tool – sales is what we are all after. One of the best features of Distimo App Analytics is probably the dashboard where you can edit and keep only the features that matter to you the most. You can apply filters to elements such as ranking, either for your competitor apps or yours only; reviews; benchmarks; ads; downloads and datagrid. Datagrid is very important as it gives you the sum total of your apps downloads and revenue data over a specific period you would have created. The data comes in a graph format that is easy to read and understand.

Track Your App Downloads And Revenue

App Annie

Besides tracking your app downloads and revenue, App Annie is also very good when it comes to doing marketing research and validating your app either before you take it to the market or app store testing.

A bit different from Distimo, it provides all results in the form of a chart. These results range from reviews written by users on your app; your rating history as well as your daily rankings; revenue and downloads data for the exact period you have in mind and choose; and most importantly breakdowns per country. We all know that breakdown by country helps you in making the decision to either localize your app or not.

App Figures

Even though App Figures isn’t really a free app, it still provides you with charts on the downloads and sales page that highlight the app and downloads and respective revenue emanating from that. Events that you would have uploaded when launching the app go a way long in helping see the effect of your marketing or app promotion different campaigns – and like App Annie, breakdown of user base by countries.

What’s even exciting is that most of these tools are free and will save you a lot of time in getting the app downloads or revenue data you need. There are other apps that you might like better than these such as AppIQ, but as long as you are tracking it, that’s what matters.

We are using these tools. What do you use for tracking app download and revenue?


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