How Was 2012 for Mobile?

Yes, its time for farewell of 2012 and warm welcome to 2013. This year 2012 was a great milestone for major IT companies and more achievements were achieved by IT giants. Let us take a look at the Major IT happenings for yr 2012.

I would like to give 1st place to Apple as more achievements and controversy were produced at this company.  iPhone5 is the first large screen iPhone which has lots of new features and advance iOS  was one of the major achievements by Apple, after this iOS 6 and then Mac book Pro with Retina Display was as stunning as other major breakthrough.  Its entry to Chinese market and Asian dominant countries was another achievement. Tim cook played a good role after Steve Jobs to handle this company and take to new heights. After iPhone5 Release Apple share took a bull ride and reached $701 which was highest peak of Apple share which was seen by the World. Next comes to Google Map Fiasco, Many great features were given with iOS6 but discontinuening Google Maps may be one the major decision by Apple Team. New Apple Maps created many controversies which led Tim cook apologies to its iPhone users for Bad Maps with OS. Maps led to make resign to its senior iOS architecture Scott Forstall and hardware Guru JonyIve’s received a promotion.

Given second place to Search Giant Google. It has made many updates for year 2012. The world was present at their I/O 2012 when exhilarating Sky Diving which showcased Projector Glass. It went really viral and aim of Larry Page to attract world was achieved. Other updates were to next more used Mobile OS known as Android from Android 3.X Honey Comb to Android 4.2.X Jelly Bean. It really updated as per its usage and functionality. After distraction from Apple, Google has developed and launched its own apps for Apple iOS which went viral over the app Store. Its native apps live Google Maps, YouTube, Google Chrome which received a record break downloading within few times of launch.

Mobile Trends 2012

Now it’s turn for Facebook, Facebook Inc. held its IPO on 8th May 2012 which was the biggest in Internet History and in the work of technology with peak of market capitalization of $104 Billion, it’s really a huge number.  Other big achievement was entry to native iOS app which raised their Like, share, comment more than 30%. This gives hats off to Facebook and Apple iOS. It was quite easy to like and share with IPhone rather than other desktop OS or other Mobile. Acquiring Instagram at record amount is  another feather in Facebook Inc’s Cap.

Other Smartphone makers Samsung which falls to this place after achieving a many breakthrough this year. Samsung Galaxy SIII, one of the Major achievements which showed the world their presence in the Smartphone Market. Record break selling numbers were displayed and people simply loved this phone with Android OS. It was so crucial that Apple had to launch iPhone 5 with large 4” screen. By record break selling started beating Apple’s iOS to Android OS.

Microsoft, they have updated many of its working platform and make themselves as per current market and trend. After updating their logo they relaunched Bing search engine which refined the user’s search.  Launched Surface tablets instead of big original tablets to new smart tablets. They updated their Gem Microsoft Office to all new Office which is one of the best products of 2012. Launched YouthSpark to initiate youth this is all due to Bill Gates Foundations.Then comes to Windows 8 OS with complete new GUI, features and stunning functionality.Its Totally new experience for Desktops, Laptops & Windows Mobiles.

As year 2012 is over and we have saw many new gadgets and updates in this year. It time to celebrate and enjoy with ending of 2012 and lets have a good hope for many more new gadgets, Mobile OS and many more excellent mobile apps in 2013. Hope you have enjoyed this reading & if you liked the most you can share Like us on Facebook twitter and email your friends. Have a Happy new year 2013.


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