Know About Time And Cost To Develop A Magento Website

If you are planning to develop an online store or any similar website, then Magento is the best platform. How much does it cost to develop any custom Magento website is a pertinent question and here we provide a detailed overview of this aspect. You will get to know about the prices for different Magento website development and what are the essential factors which drive the cost of creating a Magento website.

Being similar to content management system like WordPress, Magento can essentially be deployed by even a non-programmer if he knows how to buy a particular hosting space and then put few files on FTP, then connect a particular database and then indicate a domain name. In such case, you will require the use of a template which is already created by someone professional in the development of Magento website. If your target customers are tech-savvy, then they will certainly notice that you haven’t spent much time on the Magento design as well as development and it might lead to loss of credibility. Such Do-It-Yourself Magento development solutions can’t be essentially customized easily, and you will require a qualified Magento development company or hire Magento developer to help you out.

Let’s consider the development process of custom Magento website and the factors which affect the cost.

Time And Cost To Develop A Magento Website

1. Planning and Analysis

Before you start to do your work, you need to think about different items that you want to sale. The larger your database is, the higher will be the Magento requirements for the purpose of hosting. In this particular stage, you need to analyze the basic Magento functionalities and features and also define the custom design along with writing a project scope as well as estimate the number of hours required for the development and deciding the different modules that you require. Modules of Magento essentially the extensions which add certain features to the Magento e-commerce website. There are a lot of ready-to-use plugins. However, in most cases, you need to develop and build a new module from scratch. You need proper planning of how you are going to develop the Magento website and stick to it.

costing of magento website development

2. Design and Development

In this stage, you are required to create UX as well as UI design along with the development of Magento website keeping in mind that it needs to be responsive as well as fast-loading in order to make it look perfect on different devices and with any type of internet connection.

3. Testing and Deployment

Finally, it is quite essential to test everything that you have built on a test server, and after you have fixed all the imperfections that it has, you can easily deploy your customized Magento website to the production version.

Time To Develop Magento Website

On an average, a Magento development company requires at least 100 to 150 hours of development which excludes testing and quality analysis. The time can increase with the increased amount of modules and features.

Cost of Magento Website Development

Now let’s look at the cost of development of a Magento website. We need to consider different levels of Magento development suitable for different website requirements and customer needs.

1. Online Store for One Particular Country and One target Audience

You can choose this option when you are required to develop a classic Magento website where there is only one retailer who wishes to sell through the internet across one country or region. The cost of development of the online store will depend on the custom Magento modules’ complexity, and it may cost you around $5,000 to $10,000.

2. E-commerce Platform for Numerous Online Stores to target Different Countries

In this case, you will require different websites for each and every country where you have the business. These online stores . Level two: e-commerce platform with several е-shops targeted at different countries, with different prices, themes, and languages have their own custom front-end for various target audiences, along with different delivery terms as well as options which depend on the country. There are Magento experts in the USA who can develop a Magento website for this purpose. The price of developing such a complex Magento website can range from $12,000 to $20,000.

Conclusion : 

Magento platform is the best one to create online stores. There are several factors which are associated with the cost of development of Magento website. It depends on the number of modules, features, and functionalities along with the type of Magento website according to the target audience and specificity of the region. The above-mentioned cost structure perfectly outlines the same.


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