How To Build A Strong Online Business Presence?

According to techcrunch website, by 2020 6.1 billion people will be using smart phones and may be a major percentage of them will be using just for maintaining connectivity. So, on the basis of this aforementioned perspective, let’s determine how a business can afford for establishing their domains across all the existing market levels.

Even today, most of the first thing people do when they hear a brand name is Google about it and not being on Google seriously hurts a business’s reputation. The answer to this issue is creating a strong online identity. There are some really smart ways that can turn around a business’s online presence; one good example is business app development. Following steps can assure an online presence that stays with the customers and puts a brand at the top among the competition.

Build A Strong Online Business Presence

1. Mobile APP

Apps are the best way to reach out to people and stay with them for a long time, but then, building an app is a tricky matter and it’s not just the coding part, but the design and the user friendliness that defined the success of an app. So, it’s a good idea to find a mobile app development company that is too good to be true and let it create a magical app that sticks with your customers and brings in business effortlessly.

2. Blog/ Website/Content

Build A Strong Online Business Presence

All businesses should think about having a blog. It is a great way to interact and engage customers. These blogs can stay on the website and a business can bring in traffic through social media or they can go out as email marketing content. Both of these options will work only if you great content.
The advent of all the digital things has created a world where readers have a short attention span. In almost 10 seconds a reader will make up his/her mind whether he will read further. This means, the content has to be catchy and make an impact in the first few seconds. So, the point is, content is still the king.

3. Social Media

Social media is the gateway to the whole world and if used properly, it can do wonders when it comes to ROI. One thing that all businesses need to understand before jumping on a social media platform is that not all platforms are good for every business. They should invest time and money in understanding which platform will bring them traffic and leads thus, getting on all the platforms and using paid methods will only eat up the ROI in the long run. So hiring the right people is the key here. A person, who can clearly pinpoint the platform that will be fruitful for running the campaigns on it, can add to your business visibility to a great extent.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a smart idea only if a business can generate great words and lines into its email list. An email list can me built through the website or you can be extra smart while business app development by integrating a subscribe button in the app. A good android app development company will use this strategy without being asked to. Once the business has a great list, a strong online presence can be built using some really interesting text information that the customers won’t mind finding in their inbox.

5. AD Partners

Digital world is extremely competitive and it won’t hurt to partner with an ad client to create an online presence by ranking up high on Google searches. Google ad words is one of the trusted ad clients that works on the CPC (cost per click) model and helps save a lot of money while creating a presence and reaching out to more and more prospective customers.

Building a strong online presence calls for a host of activities on the interwebs. From a fast loading website to a content that makes the readers sit up and notice to a business app development strategy, an organization needs them all to stand above its competitors and make money. Thus, the aforementioned points help you to execute the activities in the right direction with the right approach.





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